For as long as I can remember, my hair has been all sorts of different colors. When I was in college, it was light brown with blonde streaks, then post college it was brown with blonde/brown streaks. For the last few years It’s had a red hue to it… almost red, I should say. Well. I’m kind of ready to just go back to a natural bold, brown hair color. I’ve made the appointment, so there’s no going back now. I’m also getting a haircut – getting all of this hair cut off. How short? I have no idea…. I guess we’ll see tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about this!

Brown Hair


I was sporadically shopping on Abbott Kinney last Friday. I think I must have been in a really good mood that I got off work early and already got in a workout for the day. Anyway – I had been wanting some Ray Ban aviator sunglasses for a while, but just hadn’t got around to buying them. Plus I already owned a few pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses and I didn’t know if I wanted that same brand again. I know, #firstworldproblems. Anyway, I saw these at the Tom’s store and loved the colors on the side. I learned that when you purchase a pair of their glasses, you pay for another pair of glasses or a medical eye procedure for someone in need. I thought it was such a great cause… so this was a no brainer. I have to say, though, the case they give you with the glasses suck. It’s basically a cute looking bag. They provide no protection from these glasses getting smashed in my purse. I wish they could have given something a little bit more stable and sturdy especially for how much you spend on the glasses.

People go to casinos for different reasons. Some go because they want to take part in the gambling at the poker and roulette tables, some go for the entertainment, and some go because it’s a great place to get dressed up for and have a good night. Dressing up for the casino is definitely lots of fun and especially when you see all the other casino fashion that people are wearing. If you don’t like dressing up, there is plenty of online casinos nowadays, such as online casino Canada, where you can find a lot of fun games that you can play from the comfy sofa at your home.

There are a few different ways you can approach choosing a casino outfit for yourself. It depends on the reason that you are going to the casino first and foremost. Going all out glamorous is not necessary, but it is worthwhile remembering that the way you dress can affect the service you get. It’s no secret that the best dressed people will get lots of attention from the staff and maybe even free drinks. They want you to spend money in a casino, so if you look like you have money, you will get treated well!

Short cocktail dresses look great for night out at the casino although you must watch that hemline as a lot of casino’s can turn you away at the door if they feel you aren’t dressed decently enough.

If you want to let your jewellery do the talking, you could easily go for a nice maxi dress with heels and then long dangly earrings and a statement necklace.

The key is to keep it classy and tasteful. Understated works just as well as a cocktail dress. A smart casual trouser suit with killer heels and a nice clutch bag can get as much attention as a short dress because you will look like you mean business. If you are there to gamble this could be a good look, or even a nice little black dress. Avoid clichés such as feather boas and satin gloves-you will look like you’ve been watching too many Hollywood films.

A couple weeks ago, my friend invited me to a Stella Dot party that she was hosting for her other friend who reps the jewelry. I figured that I had nothing else to do that morning so why not go? Remember when your mom had tupperware parties? Well this is basically the same thing, only instead of tupperware, you’re buying awesome jewelry (that’s a tad too expensive, but who’s counting?) I always feel bad when I go to these kinds of parties so I always buy something and 99% of the time I spend more money that I would if I saw the same thing in a store. I bought these Serenity Stone Drop Earrings by Stella Dot. I am in love with them.

A few weeks later, I got them in the mail and have since worn them only a few times but get compliments every time. I think these were around $50 (ya, not what I would usually spend on earrings, but again I always buy something at these parties) and I love them. Have you shopped at Stella Dot before? What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

So I recently bought myself a pair of Toms shoes. To clarify, in case you couldn’t see the photo, they are red. I usually wear a size 6 and when I asked the guy to let me try on a pair of size 6, he said, “oh no” if you are usually 6 then you need to go down half a size because these stretch. So, being the naive shopper that I sometimes am, I decided to trust him and buy a 5.5. Little did I know that these were so tight. I’ve been wearing them for about 2 weeks and they literally hurt my feet but he swears they will stretch out.

Has anyone had this same problem and if you do own a pair of Toms, do they stretch? How long did it take? I think the salesman’s last words were, “if these Toms don’t stretch, then they will be the only pair in the history of Toms that don’t stretch.” Eat your words, buddy!

Have you guys heard of Tungsten? It’s becoming more and more popular in different types of jewelry because it’s so durable. I just found out about it last weekend when I was shopping with a friend and I am pretty much sold on it.

Tungsten is  available in many types of jewelry and in fact, you probably own some and don’t even know it! Tungsten watches are available for both men and women and come in a variety of watch face colors. These types of watches are great for anyone who does a lot of physical activity and needs a durable piece of jewelry. The great thing about these are that they don’t scratch easily and totally worth the money. Another piece of jewelry to purchase in tungsten is bracelets. These are available for both women and men and come in a variety of fashionable shapes and colors to suit any person’s needs.

Pendants have also become a very popular item in the tungsten jewelry world as of late. These pendants are versatile because you are able to change out the necklace that you have them on to create many looks for one pendant. Tungsten cufflinks are very popular among men because many times cufflinks will get damaged or scratched when laying your arm down on the desk at work. With purchasing these types of cufflinks you are assured that they will not get damaged easily.

Many people are going with tungsten wedding bands instead of silver or gold rings. This is because tungsten holds up better, is very scratch resistance and also will withstand more weathering then other precious metals will.

When choosing the right type wedding band, you should always go by what type of jewelry that they currently wear. There are tungsten carbide bands available that are solid and look like a silver or white gold band would. There are also tungsten bands that are engraved or have the carbon fiber look to them. Some of the tungsten bands even have 18k gold in them for a more “flashy” look. Tungsten is offered in both men’s and women’s wedding rings and are available for a very fair price, especially for how durable the metal is!

If you are trying to decide on the perfect jewelry to purchase for yourself or a loved one, I would definitely advise you to consider purchasing tungsten jewelry as your main choice in jewelry!


I love skirts – mainly because they are great for both summer and winter wear. In the winter you can accessorize your skirt with some patterned stockings and knee-high boots, then in the summer you can wear your skirt with heels. They are definitely a good bargain, if you ask me.

If you love to browse through sale items online, but you never order anything because you’re like me and don’t how it’s going to look, then worry no more! Once you know which skirt style suits you, you won’t have to interrupt your game of or your Skype chat to actually go to the store. Here’s what I’d recommend for your type of figure:

Hourglass shape: If you have a curvy hourglass shape then skirts which nip in at the waist will compliment your figure. A pencil skirt for example is rather figure hugging and will elegantly outline your thighs and hips, before nipping in at the waist and emphaziding your curvy shape. You can make your waist look even smaller by wearing a fitted black waist belt.

Rectangle shape: Those with a rectangle shape tend to be very slim and lack obvious curves, which is why you might want to wear a skirt which makes you look more curvy. A tulip style skirt is ideal for you because it is fitted at the waist but bulks out over your thighs, giving you the appearance of a fuller figure.

Apple shape: If you have an apple shape, you are likely to be slightly top heavy with slim legs. Try wearing a loosely fitted plain shirt with a colorful knee-length skirt and some heels. This will elegantly emphasize your slim legs without having to wear a very short skirt.

Now that I’ve give you some tips, comment on where you find your favorite skirts!

I am I love with this jacket from NorthFace! It’s a little out of my price range but I think it’d fit my snowboarding outfit perfectly. What I really like about this is that the inside can actually come out in case it gets too hot OR you could just wear the inner lining. So really it’s 2 jackets in one. Thoughts??



I hope you said yay because I bought them! 30% off, super comfy and great for work!

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