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Rob and Corinne visit the office!
Rob and Corinne, hosts of the fabulous show, Thread Heads stopped by to hang out at our office this past week. Little did they know that we presented them with some D.I.Y Ipods...? Meanwhile, they filmed Episode 7 of Thread Heads... so you should definitely check that out! ...more»
Attack of the smurfs!
I spotted this girl walking around the streets of the 'once fashionable' NY City. And I have 3 words for you: ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!?! ...more»
David Beckham: Sports Style Icon
If you didn't already hear that David Beckham has signed a $250 million dollar 5 - year deal with the L.A. Galaxy, then now you know. Him and his lovely wife Victoria Beckham and family will be moving to the U.S of A later this year. But before he's even packed his bags and boarded the plane, he is all ...more»
Versace fashion heiress is anorexic!
Allegra Beck Versace who is the 20 year old daughter of Donatella Versace is in serious condition after battling anorexia for the past year. "Our daughter Allegra has been battling anorexia, a very serious disease, for many years," Donatella Versace said in an attempt to stop the rumors. Ms. Beck Versace inherited 50% of the Versace fortune on her 18th birthday from ...more»
Banana Republic outfit for under $100!
With the incredible sale going on at Banana Republic, we can put together a fabulous outfit for under $100 bucks. Here's what I'd buy: Beaded fringe teardrop earrings for $14.99. I love wearing earrings, always adds a kick to the outfit... and I love gold! Twist Neck top in Indigo for $13.99. Such a simple top can allow you to spice up ...more»
The Sock Man in NYC!
Next time you visit New York City, be sure to hit up St. Mark's place and visit The Sock Man! They've been in the East Village since 1983 and they specialize in all sorts of cool socks ranging from knee highs, toe socks, tights... you name it, they've got it! ...more»
Fashion Trend: RECYCLE!
The only thing better than being in style is to be in style while helping the environment! And now you can -- These fabulous Cambodian Recycled Rice Bags are awesome. Not only are they stylish, funky and edgy, but at the end of the day you can feel great about saving a tree! Unlike many mass produced accessories, these┬áhave not been ...more»
Pattern overload!
Here's a fashion tip: DON'T mix patterns. If you are wearing an overbearing pattern, such as the plaid shown in this picture, stay away from another form of plaid. And on top of that, don't pair it with a crazy neon patterned hoodie. First off, don't wear that hoodie with anything -- it's a recipe for a fashion disaster. Overall, ...more»
How to be a model.
My first reaction to this book was, "Wow they made an entire book on how to not eat. Incredible" (***sarcasm***). To my suprise Roshumba actually shows you how to create a portfolio, break into the modeling business, how to dress like to pro and of course, apply makeup. The Complete Idiot's Guide To Being A Model has some substance and its ...more»
From Geek to Chic.
I love this shirt. First off, I like guys who are a bit geeky with a side of cool. This shirt is definitely a good mix of both. The simple striped polo gets revamped. It's a perfect fit for pretty much any guy. And if you have some old polo tees, its time to get out the stencils and spray ...more»
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