I was at Sears the other day and just as I was about to leave, I heard an announcement that they wanted to give all customers a present for the holidays… all we had to do was go to the third floor by electronics and look for the flashing orange light. Well, I was already there, so I waited for the rep to give us our present… and of course it was this stupid eyeglass cleaner. BUT THEN, they demonstrated Mr. Sticky…. and my mom bought one.. a few actually. It’s the BEST lint roller ever. It’s super sticky and picks up anything but it doesn’t have glue so it won’t ruin clothes. You can reuse it over and over by just running it under warm water to clean it. So far, I’ve used it on anything from my couch to sweater to rug and floor. It’s great… works better than a mop and its WAY more convenient. Ok enough from me… see for yourself!


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