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simple apron dress
you know how much i love dresses. this one is simple. sophisticated. chic. on sale. breathable. ...more»
My Favorite Wifebea… Uh.. Boyfriend Tank.
I'll admit, I've gone through my share of wifebeaters. Cheap ones, cheaper ones, expensive ones.. and these are my favorite for these reasons: The low-cut-ness of the scoop neck is perfect, not too low, but very flattering The material does not stretch out after many wears so you don't have to wash after every use The colors are HOT! *These tanks come in a ...more»
My favorite PINK kitchen gadgets
I love cooking, probably more than the next person. I find it like an art and by adding different colors, you create a whole new dish. Now, I admit that I don't own many gadgets right now because I'm squished in a tiny apartment in New York City with no counterspace. But, often, I do dream about the day where ...more»
Cowboy boots, please!
I have been wanting a pair of cowboy boots for a while. Why? I don't know. I'm not really a fan of country music, I don't ride horses and I hate western movies. But for some reason, I'm fascinated with cowboy boots. Here are 3 reasons why I love these boots: 1.The heel height - they are short enough that they are ...more»
Lindsey Skinny Jeans.
I must buy. I must buy. I must buy. Forever 21 has skinny jeans named LINDSEY ! They must be for me! They are a whopping $12.50 - and no that isn't a typo. Cute color too! ...more»
Tanning Salons.. why so expensive?
I'm just going to rant about how expensive it is to get a good tan. I hate this weather in New York. It's May (almost June) and it's freakin' cold and rainy outside. WHAT THE HELL? I went to my local tanning salon on my way home, but first - I checked online to see if they were offering first ...more»
Pink Blackberry Curve Silicone Case
I can't wait to get this case for my blackberry curve. Not only wll it protect it, it's pink. Hallelujah! Does anyone out there have this case? Is it good? I've also noticed they have cases that cover the space where the pearl is... but I would think that it would be more of an annoyance. Thoughts? ...more»
Lush's Dream Cream
I absolutely love this Dream Cream from Lush. (Well, I love everything except for the price - it's $22 bucks a pop!) It is VERY mosturizing and contains great ingredients, including Camomile Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Cocoa Butter and more. After a few days it leaves dry skin feeling great, especially those rough spots on elbows and hands. It's also ...more»
Gucci Duffle Bag
This Friday I am leaving to go to Houston for my cousin's graduation. I needed a small duffle that I could take on the plane and could hold enough stuff for 4 days (I'm a very light packer). I found this Gucci duffle in Chinatown this weekend and bargained them down to $30 bucks. I am soooo excited because I ...more»
Rainy day umbrellas!
All hail to the rainy day! There's not an accessory that is more needed than an umbrella on rainy days like these. (Well maybe rain boots, but it's not raining THAT hard). That is why I begin my quest for cute umbrellas. Sure, you can buy a $5 umbrella from the guy sitting outside the subway, but those are boring ...more»
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