In the last month or so, I have been really making an effort to eat healthier. I’ve been getting fresh veggie juices across the street at the health food store for about $6 bucks a juice. It’s kind of a rip off but they are so delicious that I keep going back. I’m hoping that if I keep up this gluten free, healthy, more veggie diet, my eczema will dramatically disappear. After searching and searching for a juice that won’t break my bank, my coworker turned me onto Bolthouse Farms. Bolthouse Farms is located in my hometown of California – San Joaquin Valley. Started as a commercial farming company, they started to branch out into juices (which they made from their veggies), and many other products like dressings.


I am eager to try these because of all the rave reviews, however, where I live (East Harlem), our grocery stores aren’t that great and don’t carry stuff like this. The health food store does carry them, but I would really love to try the purple carrot juice. Carrot (and green) juice is my favorite, so this seems amazing. Has anyone tried these? What other juices (or other healthy tips) would you recommend?

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