Picture 1I got my first pair of designer sunglasses for a gift last year – Michael Kors NEVIS in tortoise shell. I was super happy to get them, but noticed that they kept falling off my head and the ones at the store didn’t. I put them away because I did not want them to get lost. Finally I decided to take them back to see if they could be tightened and the store clerk told me that they were defected and I should return them to get a new pair. Because they are defected in the hinges, they are more suWhen I called emailed customer service, I kept getting transferred to different departments. Finally, someone from Marchon called me back and said that I would have to mail them back on my own dime, with tracking, and pay to get them fixed.

This is an outrage from a “high end” designer like Michael Kors. If I broke the glasses, then I can understand paying for them. Because I got them defected, that is their fault, not mine! How rude of them to ask me to pay to fix glasses that already cost about $100!

Does anyone else have bad customer service stories to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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