I love skirts – mainly because they are great for both summer and winter wear. In the winter you can accessorize your skirt with some patterned stockings and knee-high boots, then in the summer you can wear your skirt with heels. They are definitely a good bargain, if you ask me.

If you love to browse through sale items online, but you never order anything because you’re like me and don’t how it’s going to look, then worry no more! Once you know which skirt style suits you, you won’t have to interrupt your game of www.foxybingo.com or your Skype chat to actually go to the store. Here’s what I’d recommend for your type of figure:

Hourglass shape: If you have a curvy hourglass shape then skirts which nip in at the waist will compliment your figure. A pencil skirt for example is rather figure hugging and will elegantly outline your thighs and hips, before nipping in at the waist and emphaziding your curvy shape. You can make your waist look even smaller by wearing a fitted black waist belt.

Rectangle shape: Those with a rectangle shape tend to be very slim and lack obvious curves, which is why you might want to wear a skirt which makes you look more curvy. A tulip style skirt is ideal for you because it is fitted at the waist but bulks out over your thighs, giving you the appearance of a fuller figure.

Apple shape: If you have an apple shape, you are likely to be slightly top heavy with slim legs. Try wearing a loosely fitted plain shirt with a colorful knee-length skirt and some heels. This will elegantly emphasize your slim legs without having to wear a very short skirt.

Now that I’ve give you some tips, comment on where you find your favorite skirts!

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