A couple weeks ago, my friend invited me to a Stella Dot party that she was hosting for her other friend who reps the jewelry. I figured that I had nothing else to do that morning so why not go? Remember when your mom had tupperware parties? Well this is basically the same thing, only instead of tupperware, you’re buying awesome jewelry (that’s a tad too expensive, but who’s counting?) I always feel bad when I go to these kinds of parties so I always buy something and 99% of the time I spend more money that I would if I saw the same thing in a store. I bought these Serenity Stone Drop Earrings by Stella Dot. I am in love with them.

A few weeks later, I got them in the mail and have since worn them only a few times but get compliments every time. I think these were around $50 (ya, not what I would usually spend on earrings, but again I always buy something at these parties) and I love them. Have you shopped at Stella Dot before? What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

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