So I recently bought myself a pair of Toms shoes. To clarify, in case you couldn’t see the photo, they are red. I usually wear a size 6 and when I asked the guy to let me try on a pair of size 6, he said, “oh no” if you are usually 6 then you need to go down half a size because these stretch. So, being the naive shopper that I sometimes am, I decided to trust him and buy a 5.5. Little did I know that these were so tight. I’ve been wearing them for about 2 weeks and they literally hurt my feet but he swears they will stretch out.

Has anyone had this same problem and if you do own a pair of Toms, do they stretch? How long did it take? I think the salesman’s last words were, “if these Toms don’t stretch, then they will be the only pair in the history of Toms that don’t stretch.” Eat your words, buddy!

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