I was sporadically shopping on Abbott Kinney last Friday. I think I must have been in a really good mood that I got off work early and already got in a workout for the day. Anyway – I had been wanting some Ray Ban aviator sunglasses for a while, but just hadn’t got around to buying them. Plus I already owned a few pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses and I didn’t know if I wanted that same brand again. I know, #firstworldproblems. Anyway, I saw these at the Tom’s store and loved the colors on the side. I learned that when you purchase a pair of their glasses, you pay for another pair of glasses or a medical eye procedure for someone in need. I thought it was such a great cause… so this was a no brainer. I have to say, though, the case they give you with the glasses suck. It’s basically a cute looking bag. They provide no protection from these glasses getting smashed in my purse. I wish they could have given something a little bit more stable and sturdy especially for how much you spend on the glasses.

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