21015 is finally going to be my year. I have spent the few last years being unhappy with my health and suffering from severe eczema. Been to countless doctors trying to tell me what medications to buy and the same skin-deep remedies which to be honest, don’t work. Well, I’m sick of being sick! You can’t run a car with bad oil and gas, just like you can’t put bad food into your body and expect to be healthy. After years or drinking (though in moderation) and eating not-so-healthy all the time, it’s time to change. Now. when I say I was not-so-healthy, I don’t mean that I ate fast food more than 3-5x a year or fried food and desserts every night. I am addicted to fries and love nachos. Every once in a while I would eat them. Not a lot. But every once in a while (consistently) contributed to me feeling unhealthy and literally having toxins excrete through my skin causing painful rashes, inflamed and weepy skin and more recently the inability to work out. Docs don’t know what has caused that but I have an inkling that it’s clogged pores, lack of sweat due to inflamed skin, causing internal heat buildup and in turn dizziness, hives, headaches and almost passing out when working out.

Anyway, after seeing a Clinical Nutritionist who diagnosed me with Candida 3 weeks ago, I’ve cut out sugar (refined and allnatural, except some fruits – pears, pomegranates, apples, bananas). This means no honey, agave, etc.. and that stuff sneaks up on you! No nuts, no nighshades (eggplant), gluten, dairy, carbonated beverages, tomatoes, sprouts, mushrooms, kambucha tea, alcohol and a few others. It’s been a tricky diet to stay on but it’s only temporary until I reset my body. It’s made me more aware of the junk I used to eat.

It’s also opened my eyes up to a whole new way of cooking and alternative healthy foods that are really miracles and lifesavers. I am starting to feel better and if giving up all of the above is going to make me healthy, then so be it! Here’s to a healthy and inspirational 2015!


The above meals are a few things I’ve cooked this year. In order from top left clockwise, 1. Rosemary roasted Kabocha squash, oven roasted turkey and garlic kalettes, 2. Leftover dinner made into a breakfast scramble – black beans and mojo steak with added in spinach for some greens, garnished with crispy seasoned chips and fresh avocado, 3. Tuna salad over a bed of roasted zucchini with avocados and toast (with grass-fed butter), 4. Turkey and black bean tacos with Torchy’s Tacos hot sauce and steamed lemon broccoli.

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