They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I couldn’t agree more. Ever since I’ve been on the Candida diet and have been eating hearty breakfasts (in order to take many pills and supplements in the AM), my body has been craving it. It’s hard to find stuff to eat that has no gluten, sugar, nuts and dairy.


Here’s what I’ve been eating virtually everyday at work: Gluten free oatmeal (make sure when you buy the kind in the pack, you buy the one without sugar. IE No maple or brown sugar or cinnamon apple. That stuff has so much sugar and starting off your day with that much can cause you body to crash mid-morning). I make my oatmeal with good ol’ water. If I’m home on the weekends, I’ll add plain coconut milk. I’ve topped it with organic coconut flakes, cut up a banana and Honeycrisp apple and topped with cinnamon.

And if you’re wondering why I eat so much cinnamon – other than the fact that it masks having no sugar, it has a ton of health benefits, including:

  • Anti-Clotting and Anti-Inflammatory properties
  • It’s an anti-microbial so helps with stunting bacteria growth (ie Candida)
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Boosts brain function – so it’s great to eat in the morning
  • Great source of fiber and calcium and helps fight Heart Disease
  • Tastes delicious & makes dishes look pretty!
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