“Healthy” snacks are hard to find when you’re on a strict diet – or at least trying to eat healthy. I must admit that my weakness is chips and fries. I recently switched to eating these snacks – dried/dehydrated/fried/baked – whatever they are, chips. At least they are not processed and that’s a start. They taste amazing and not like you’re normal chip, but have a little but more bite and more dense. I ┬ápicked up Taro and Pumpkin (or Kabocha.. Japanese squash) and both are delightful. Taro is a root, sort of like a carrot or parsnip and the pumpkin is more like a squash, less dense than a pumpkin but with a great wonder sweet flavor. MMMMMMmmm…..

Obviously eating fruit and raw veggies make great snacks too, but I was really craving something salty to replace my fry/chip craving and these do just fine.

What kinds of snacks do you typically enjoy throughout the day?

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