Finally found a gluten-free (only brown rice and potato starch) pizza crust in the store today and had to jump on it. Usually most pizza crusts have sugar and other preservatives, and pre-made gluten-free, dairy-free pizzas have said ingredients, mushrooms and/or tomatoes. Sadly, my candida diet doesn’t include any of those. Dan and I both enjoyed this and will definitely be eating pizza on special occasions – total success! Recipes for our pizzas below!



On my pizza (the green one), I used a pesto base that I made from a garlic spread (lemon, garlic and oil) and added basil to it. I topped it with vegan cheese, anchovies, truffle oil and fresh basil. Now, I know you’re probably thinking that anchovies and vegan cheese is gross. Well, actually, the vegan cheese was phenomenal. It melted was salty and very delicious. In the past I’ve had vegan cheese and couldn’t fathom eating it, but this one was really good. The anchovies, despite me already being a fan, are mostly salty and fishy. They have a great source of vitamins, including omega 3 fatty acids, good for strong bones and are heart healthy.


Dan’s pizza had a basic tomato sauce, hot sauce (mix of sriracha, cayenne pepper sauce and red pepper flakes), vegan cheese and fresh basil. Surprisingly he enjoyed the very melty taste of the vegan cheese too. Success all around!




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