Toms Shoes – Getting the right size
So I recently bought myself a pair of Toms shoes. To clarify, in case you couldn't see the photo, they are red. I usually wear a size 6 and when I asked the guy to let me try on a pair of size 6, he said, "oh no" if you are usually 6 then you need to go down ...more»
Tungsten: Affordable and Fashionable!
Have you guys heard of Tungsten? It's becoming more and more popular in different types of jewelry because it's so durable. I just found out about it last weekend when I was shopping with a friend and I am pretty much sold on it. Tungsten is  available in many types of jewelry and in fact, you probably own some and don't even ...more»
Which Skirt Best Suits Your Figure?
I love skirts - mainly because they are great for both summer and winter wear. In the winter you can accessorize your skirt with some patterned stockings and knee-high boots, then in the summer you can wear your skirt with heels. They are definitely a good bargain, if you ask me. If you love to browse through sale items online, but ...more»
New Winter Jacket
I am I love with this jacket from NorthFace! It's a little out of my price range but I think it'd fit my snowboarding outfit perfectly. What I really like about this is that the inside can actually come out in case it gets too hot OR you could just wear the inner lining. So really it's 2 jackets in ...more»
Which snowboard do you like better??
Ankle cowboy boots…  Yay or nay?
I hope you said yay because I bought them! 30% off, super comfy and great for work! ...more»
Poshlocket’s Fall Jewelry!
The one thing that I dislike about the fall and winter seasons are that the clothes get sort of boring. There are only so many ways you can wear a sweater and jacket and usually the patterns aren't that great. That's why you really have to rely on jewelry to bring out the style in your wardrobe. Poshlocket has some ...more»
Fall Sweater Dress
Needing some new sweater dresses for fall, and I think I found one that I like. $98 with 25% off. Bargain. Done. Sold. (Head over to Banana Republic for 25% off all purchases! ENDS TOMORROW 10/18) Now the issue is what boots and tights can I purchase to jazz up this outfit? Got any ideas? ...more»
I am kind of loving these boots. Not so much the price.
I love these BANDDIT boots by Steve Madden, but I do not love the price. Though, with all things Steve Madden, just gotta wait it out until the prices fall. I think one of the reasons I love this boot is that it's loose and chill. Not so put together, but just kinda the boot you wanna throw on and ...more»
Feather Trend
Officially got the feather-in-hair trend. So far its not as annoying as I thought it would be and I've washed my hair twice. I think the problem is going to be getting it out. Do I look hip now? ...more»
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