A slight heel obsession.
Ok, I know that when you're waiting for your online shoe purchase to be delivered, you should not buy another pair. These were $40 with a 10% discount! Could. Not. Resist. ...more»
Marc Jacobs: Day to Night Debbie
HOLD on the vacation. I think I'm going to start officially saving up for this purse. I saw it at Kitson yesterday for about $350 and just couldn't justify it as an impulse buy. It's gotta be under $100 to be "impulse" in my opinion. BUT, damn is this nice. I love the quilted material and the fact that it's ...more»
My new cuff!
Got this cuff from H&M. $10! A bargain in my opinion. What do you think? ...more»
Going Out Clothes! What to wear?
This is an issue for me every Friday and Saturday night (and even sometimes Thursday nights). What to wear? I usually tell my friends that I need some "going out clothes." My closet is actually pretty sad. Everything in my close is "cute" or too work-ish. The problem is, when I actively try to look for something new, I NEVER ...more»
New Shoe Trend: Wedges
Is this really a new trend or is the "wedged" look just making it's way to the forefront of fashion again? They've been around -- In fact, I think I've have about 5 pairs in my closet. Yes, they are hands-down the most comfortable type of "heel" you could choose, but also give off a fun, flirty, casual vibe. My ...more»
Workwear… Where?
I've been out in the working world for nearly 6 years, and if you looked in my closet, you'd have no idea. I had the good fortune to be able to wear casual outfits to work - jeans and a t-shirt. However, recently I've felt that dressing up is quite fun. Plus, you looks a lot more important. So I ...more»
Clutches are the new purses.
Just as stripes are the new black, clutches are the new purses. Yes, they can be a little tedious to carry when you're on a night out with the girls, but they sure do liven up any 'ol kind of outfit. I would love to have any one of these... absolutely brilliant. Yes, please! (Click on the pic for more ...more»
Went for lunch, came back with shoes.
Wow, that was an expensive lunch. I went for lunch with the girls in the office and we made a casual stop into my favorite boutique, Francescas. They have (hands-down) the best accessories, summer dresses and (apparently) shoes! Yup, I'm a sucker for shoes. Within 15 min, I bought these Leah Vixamar pumps. They were $68, but I got 'em ...more»
Hello Kitty: Say Hello Palette
I usually don't go for makeup because of the packaging. Ok, that's a boldface lie. But nothing this cutesy. This Hello Kitty "Say Hello Palette" is so incredibly cute, and best of all it comes with four eyeshadows and two blushes. The only thing it's really missing is some lip gloss. But, hell, I'd forgo the lip gloss for the ...more»
Beauty, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
I just had a conversation with my friend about meeting people when you're single. She said that it's so sad that a lot of guys only want to talk to girls who "look good." That is sad. I have a lot of friends who are not conventionally "model-size" or have the perfect balanced proportions, and you know what? Who cares! ...more»
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