How to wear pumps in the winter.
Have you ever had the dilemma of wanting to wear your favorite heels in the winter, but at last minute resorted to boots to keep your legs warm? ...more»
Skull scarves arrrrgh't just for Pirates….
.... they are for regular people just like you and me. They are also the must - have fashion item of the season. Wear it as a scarf, belt, headband, or anything else you can think of! I found a great Skull Scarf for $18.00. ...more»
Sweater Dresses… back in full effect!
So after much searching aroud the internet and walking the streets of Manhattan, I have come to the conclusion that fashion is everywhere - not to mention people are so damn trendy! I have scoped out the hipster scene and found that Urban Outfitters is the place to shop. Not only is the store welcoming, bold , loud, and overwhelming ...more»
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