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TOMS sunglasses for a good… no GREAT… cause.
I was sporadically shopping on Abbott Kinney last Friday. I think I must have been in a really good mood that I got off work early and already got in a workout for the day. Anyway - I had been wanting some Ray Ban aviator sunglasses for a while, but just hadn't got around to buying them. Plus I already ...more»
Marc Jacobs: Day to Night Debbie
HOLD on the vacation. I think I'm going to start officially saving up for this purse. I saw it at Kitson yesterday for about $350 and just couldn't justify it as an impulse buy. It's gotta be under $100 to be "impulse" in my opinion. BUT, damn is this nice. I love the quilted material and the fact that it's ...more»
My new cuff!
Got this cuff from H&M. $10! A bargain in my opinion. What do you think? ...more»
Clutches are the new purses.
Just as stripes are the new black, clutches are the new purses. Yes, they can be a little tedious to carry when you're on a night out with the girls, but they sure do liven up any 'ol kind of outfit. I would love to have any one of these... absolutely brilliant. Yes, please! (Click on the pic for more ...more»
Bed Sheets, Comforter, Duvet … do sheets really matter?
We sleep in them every night and to that point, sleep is very important. But why am I always hesitant about buying new sheets? The last pair of sheets I bought were from Century 21 (a discount store in New York, which was 2 subways and a bus away. Not to mention the pain it took to lug the stuff ...more»
Pave Flower Button Earrings
I have been on a jewelry kick for the last few months because I think that although you can make a fashion statement with clothes, it's ultimately the jewelry that can take an outfit from great to awesome. Plus jewelry really never goes out of style! So on that note, I have been purchasing everything in sight, which is pretty ...more»
Leather flower applique clutch purse from Anthropologie
WANT! How adorable is this clutch? Lately I have been going crazy over flower appliques on purses. And if you didn't already know, I am a little obsessed with leather - especially if it's soft (like this clutch is). My only beef with this is that I wouldn't pay 200 bucks for a clutch that you can't even use as ...more»
New Year, New Bedding
I like to have one new staple each year to freshen up my living space. This year, it's a new comforter. To replace the work out, second-hand comforter that I inherited from my mom. The funny part about my current comforter is that the duvet cover is a queen, but the actual comforter is a full, so it moves around. ...more»
Wanna win some shoes?
Shop It To Me is doing this amazing giveaway.... yes, a pair of designer heels. All you have to do is refer the site to your friends. And let's be honest, if your friend already don't know about this site, perhaps they should anyway. And you could win some sweet heels out of it! Just click on the link below and ...more»
Bracelets are the perfect accessory.
I am going to be posting a lot about accessories in the next couple weeks because I'm attending a wedding.. the first one that I'm actually in (doing a reading) in a couple weeks, and of course, my outfit has to be perfect. I've 2 perfect dresses, which I've posted previously, and all I need are some accessories to complement ...more»
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