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New Winter Jacket
I am I love with this jacket from NorthFace! It's a little out of my price range but I think it'd fit my snowboarding outfit perfectly. What I really like about this is that the inside can actually come out in case it gets too hot OR you could just wear the inner lining. So really it's 2 jackets in ...more»
How To Marry A Prince – By Lindz and Bill
With the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton finally here, you may be asking yourself... well, how do I find a prince for myself? My friend, Bill and I got together and created a list that's a good start to getting you on your way to find your Prince Charming.... Lindz ( 1. Start saving your pennies now! – We ...more»
Winter in New York: Celebrities!
Winter in New York is nothing to joke about. I know. I lived there for 3 winters and barely survived with just a fluffy jacket and $5 gloves. But... the celebs in New York definitely know how to handle the winter season better than I can..... Eva Longoria, Diana Vickers and Cheryl Cole are keeping it warm with fur/leather jackets. Not ...more»
Winter Is A-Coming.
It's that time a year when you wake up in the morning and think, "what's the weather going to be like?" Especially LA weather can be so unpredictable -- 80 degrees one day then 50 degrees the next. Which is why I always keep a jacket on hand when I go to work. You never know what the office weather ...more»
Motorcycle Leather Jacket : Yes, please!
I love, love, love this jacket. Its subtle, yet edgy and perfect for California winters and summers (falls and aprings too!). I like that this jacket is short, and a beautiful tan color yet, has the subtle hints of the "motorcycle" flare with its neck and bottom closures. Great to wear to work or out to the bars, right? From ...more»
Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale!
It's the 1 out of 2 times a year when Victoria's Secret blows out 80% of their collection to make room for more, and that's great news for savvy shoppers like yourself. So go on - head over their and check out what they have. Keep in mind that if someone is sold out, keep checking back because they will ...more»
Light Sweaters Made For California Winters
With the beautiful California weather, you really don't need to wear anything heavier than a light sweater or coat. And one of the advantages of living by the beaches out here are having all the cool surf stores! Nope, I'm not a surfer and to disprove the myth that surfer brands only sell surfer looking stuff, I've picked out some ...more»
Top 5 Winter Jackets for Under $100!
If you live in a cold climate city, like NYC or Boston, then you know that having a winter jacket is essential. Well not all of them are stylish and within your budget, but a Fashionista like yourself is gonna have to keep warm. Thankfully, The Budget Fashionista has got you covered, literally - they found the best and most ...more»
An Affordable Faux Fur Jacket Is Always In Style
I swear that H&M always has the best deals. I mean with the economy the way that it is, no one can afford the luxuries that we use to be able to buy. But when the winter sets in and the weather takes a dive, who says you can't be stylish? This jacket goes for a whopping $79 bucks. Now, ...more»
A Peacoat would be nice.
I think I have become obsessed with buying coats/jackets and maybe that's because it's 46 degrees outside right now. I love peacoats as much as the next person, but having a peacoat that is both flexible and comfortable and STILL warm... well, now that's just a bargain. This particular coat is from American Eagle for approx 70 bucks, but you can ...more»
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