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Which Skirt Best Suits Your Figure?
I love skirts - mainly because they are great for both summer and winter wear. In the winter you can accessorize your skirt with some patterned stockings and knee-high boots, then in the summer you can wear your skirt with heels. They are definitely a good bargain, if you ask me. If you love to browse through sale items online, but ...more»
Fall Sweater Dress
Needing some new sweater dresses for fall, and I think I found one that I like. $98 with 25% off. Bargain. Done. Sold. (Head over to Banana Republic for 25% off all purchases! ENDS TOMORROW 10/18) Now the issue is what boots and tights can I purchase to jazz up this outfit? Got any ideas? ...more»
Going Out Clothes! What to wear?
This is an issue for me every Friday and Saturday night (and even sometimes Thursday nights). What to wear? I usually tell my friends that I need some "going out clothes." My closet is actually pretty sad. Everything in my close is "cute" or too work-ish. The problem is, when I actively try to look for something new, I NEVER ...more»
Workwear… Where?
I've been out in the working world for nearly 6 years, and if you looked in my closet, you'd have no idea. I had the good fortune to be able to wear casual outfits to work - jeans and a t-shirt. However, recently I've felt that dressing up is quite fun. Plus, you looks a lot more important. So I ...more»
What about the LWD? Little White Dress?
A simple fashion statement that always wins and never lets you down is the multi-faceted LBD. Little Black Dress. But, I have to ask, why? I get that black makes you look slim, but white makes you look tan. And with summer on the horizon, I think we should bring back the Little White Dress. Isn't that why we lay ...more»
Boho Summer Dress… LOVE
I love this dress. It's not something that I'd really pick out when shopping per-se, but that's the beauty of online shopping. You can see how it looks on someone else and decide if this is something you'd wear. Yes, it's definitely something that I'd wear. I need to branch out of my normal, boring outfits and start shopping for ...more»
Holiday, Christmas & Winter Dresses!
With the Holidays here, many of you will probably be visiting family, in-laws, boyfriend/girlfriend's parents, friends, etc. And while you can't just throw on on of your party dresses, there are a ton of alternatives out there that don't look too club-ish, yet are sophisticated and chic: perfect for the holidays. Here are a few of my favorites: 1. Drape Neck ...more»
Tadashi Ruched Matte Jersey Dress
I have purchased this Tadashi Ruched Matte Jersey Dress sight unseen and I'm nervous. Well, for $300, I should be right? I fell in love with this dress about a month ago and have driven all over to find a place where I could try it on. Unfortunately Nordstrom doesn't carry this dress on the West Coast. I know, just ...more»
Badgely Mischka Platinum Label Navy Dress
I am in a wedding in a few weeks and had been pining over the dilemma of NO DRESS! I wanted to find something long and elegant, yet that matched with the "fall colors" that everyone else was wearing. My boyfriend's kind mom sent me this amazing dress by Badgely Mischka. Now, I, for one, don't own really any designer ...more»
What’s your ultimate wedding dress?
I feel like nowadays people are taking chances with their bridal gowns. They aren't picking traditional styles like they used to be. Long, beaded, embellished. They are fun, flirty, and most importantly shows off the Bride's style. These gowns below range from casual and fun to elegant and graceful. It's really great to see designers make such a wide variety ...more»
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