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CONTEST: You Could Be The Next Vita-Mix Host!
Remember my post about how the Vita Mix blender was pretty much the best thing on earth? Well that's good news, because not only is the blender still the star of my mom's kitchen, but they are having a contest called "Pitch Me" (Which I am totally going to enter, by the way.) All you have to do is submit a ...more»
FREE Coffee Bean, TODAY, NOW!
Is today my lucky day or what? Coffee Bean is offering a free 12oz drink TODAY, right NOW of their favorite holiday flavors. Check it and head on over! Yum, these look delicious! (Sorry I didn't mention it earlier, totally slipped my mind!) ...more»
Nothing Says Holiday Like The Smell of Homemade Apple Cider
Making homemade apple cider is absolutely the best for the holiday season. It's so easy to make and it makes your home smell AH-Mazing! Plus, how beautiful does it look while simmering on your stove? Great for a party or just for yourself! Ingredients * 8-10 apples (I used gala for a less tart or intense taste) * 1/2-1 cup sugar * 4 tablespoons ...more»
I Heart Coffee Bean!
One of the thing that I really missed about Los Angeles when moving to NYC was Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I have a small obsession with Coffee Bean. I think their coffee is the best. Even when I was unemployed, I still managed to scrounge together some change to get my coffee fix. And it's not cheap either! My ...more»
Edamame – Once You Pop, You Just Can't Stop
Edamame has recently become the most trendy snack-y food of our generation. Move over chips and salsa, Edamame is taking over! So what is so great about this little boiled soy snack? Well, first of all 1/2 cup daily gives you tons of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein - because you probably don't get enough of that with your daily diet. ...more»
Imagawa Yaki: Japanese Adzuki Bean Cakes
These little cakes filled with sweet adzuki beans are the most heavenly things on the planet Earth (in my opinion). We called them Flippys. I used to go as a little girl with my dad and brother to get these fresh from J-Town. They always have fresh ones becaus e they sell out so quick. They fill each little cup with ...more»
Japanese or French Women Don't Get Fat (or Old)
I started off by reading French Women Don't Get Fat and subsequently doing the Magical Leek Diet. I loved it so much that I read French Women For All Seasons as well. Both books introduced to me some great new recipes (I wasn't really that into French cooking at first) that are super easy to make. And also re-introduced me ...more»
The Sore Throat Cure All – Ginger Tea
I'm home sick today, working away just as hard as I would be if I were at work, so I guess I can hardly call this being home sick. What are my symptoms? Well I have a headache, feel very tired, have a sore throat that makes me feel like I've been a chain smoker my entire life, and just ...more»
The best blender since sliced bread
My mom just bought a Vita-Mix Blender and I can't wait to get it in the mail. The Vita-Mix is the blender that a lot of professional blending places use like Starbucks or Jamba Juice because they are strong enough to hold up customer after customer. This blender isnt' cheap and will run you around $400 each, but well worth ...more»
The best eggs are organic!
We have 5 chickens in our backyard and a turkey. The chickens lay about 1 egg each everyday and it's awesome. Organic eggs are the very best. Sometimes they are brown in color or even a greenish-white. Those are my favorite. They are so tasty and yummy and you know the chickens aren't left in a tiny cage so you ...more»
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