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Eat Your Heart Out, Valentine's Day.
I wrote a blog post on of some of the edible heart shaped foods I found on the web and links to how you can make them.... in lieu of Valentines Day...Check out the post here! ...more»
A juice a day keeps the doc away!
Lately, I've been going to the Health Food store across the street from my office every morning to get a fresh made veggie juice. Usually i get carrots, kale, parsley and spinach - often switching out one of the greens if its not available. A regular size juice costs $5.95. Ridiculous, but at the same time, I love it and ...more»
Can't go wrong with BACON + CHOCOLATE!
My uncle is a huge chocolate addict and apart from getting him a bunch of gourmet chocolates I thought that something creative and very VERY different was appropriate this holiday. I found BACON CHOCOLATE from Vosges Haut Chocolat and it's the perfect gift. Not to mention they even have some fancy shmancy gourmet items too. I ordered him the assorted ...more»
101 things to do with ramen noodles
I happen to not be a poor college kid, and I happen to have a job - but despite the fact, I still love ramen. Not only because its cheap,  but I just love the taste. One of my roommates in college taught me a new way to eat it - throw away the sauce pack it comes with, drain ...more»
grill pans are the best!
For my birthday this year, one of my present was a grill pan. I know - sound boring, but I guess that's what you get when you get older and you really don't want any more clutter or toys. I have been grilling up a storm this weekend and this past week with new ideas from the internet and cook ...more»
My favorite PINK kitchen gadgets
I love cooking, probably more than the next person. I find it like an art and by adding different colors, you create a whole new dish. Now, I admit that I don't own many gadgets right now because I'm squished in a tiny apartment in New York City with no counterspace. But, often, I do dream about the day where ...more»
Valentine's Day
So a question to all of you folks out there: For Valentine's Day, are you supposed to exchange presents? Is only the guy supposed to get the girl something, or both? I mean, I guess it's old fashioned in a way, but my friend was telling me that it's the guy's day to celebrate his significant other. I don't really think ...more»
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