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Workwear… Where?
I've been out in the working world for nearly 6 years, and if you looked in my closet, you'd have no idea. I had the good fortune to be able to wear casual outfits to work - jeans and a t-shirt. However, recently I've felt that dressing up is quite fun. Plus, you looks a lot more important. So I ...more»
Cupcake Key Caps Are Delicious!
Are you that person who gets to their apartment door and has to try every key because they all look the same? Well, fret no more, my dear. These handy dandy cupcake key caps (try to say that 3 times in a row!) will make it so much easier to tell your house key apart from your work key apart ...more»
Dress Update! From Urban Outfitters.
I wanted to re-visit one of my favorite old shopping destinations -- Urban Outfitters. When I was living in NY, my friend Ian and I would go there probably once or twice a week. Heck, I lived 2 blocks away from one! Anyway, I haven't really been there in a while to dress shop given my latest shoe craze, but ...more»
How Do You Store Your Jewelry?
That is the question for today. How do you store your jewelry? I have so much jewelry saved up and when I throw it in a box, they necklaces get all tangled! This pretty cute Bird Vine jewelry stand (from Urban Outfitters) is a great idea, but doesn't seem like it holds much. I know a ton of you out ...more»
They call me mellow Yellow.
Yellow is such a weird color. It's fascinates me. It's beautiful, vibrant, yet its one of those tricky colors that only some people can wear. I LOVE this dress, but not sure I can pull of its marigold color. Note: It also comes in a deep purple, but the yellow is perfect for summer, don't you agree? ...more»
I heart Paige Jeans.
If you have a relatively straight figure without many curves and have a hard time finding jeans to fit you, raise your hand (hand risen!). Well I found the perfect fitting jeans - Paige Jeans. They are tailored to people without many curves, which isn't a bad thing, just hard to shop for. I've tried everything from Sevens to Joe's ...more»
Skirts I want, but probably don't need.
I haven't been to Urban Outfitters in quite a while and I'm pretty ashamed at myself. But, I swear, it's because of the cold weather and me being lazy and staying in my warm apartment. But, since Spring will literally spring upon us before we know it, i need to get a spring skirt. Or maybe 2. (both skirts from ...more»
Record Players…. are the new CDs.
Record Players are making a comeback. Ok, so maybe that's just in my world. I have no aspiration to become a famous DJ, but I just love the sound of a good 'ol record player. I can't wait to start my collection. Here's a great record player that I found.... but then again I'm still deciding if I should get ...more»
How I love Urban Outfitters Dresses
I haven't visited Urban Outfitters in a quite some time due to the fact that I'm trying to cut back on my shopping habits. However, everytime I go back to the site, I crave new clothing - namely dresses. The single best thing about an urban outfitters dress is that at first it may look weird, but then you do ...more»
maxi dresses for short people?
I love these maxi dresses, but I have a problem. I'm only 5'2" and every dress is super long on me. Why don't they make these dresses short-people-friendly? Any other short people out there have advice on how to wear these.. and not have to wear 5 inch heels? HELP! ...more»
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