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Jeggings = Jeans + Leggings
Jeggings are the hot new thing out there. Stylish jeans and comfortable leggings. What more could you ask for? The great thing about jeggings is that you get the style and polished look with half the effort. In my opinion, they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. These below are on sale for $95 bucks (from $180) from J Brand ...more»
I heart Paige Jeans.
If you have a relatively straight figure without many curves and have a hard time finding jeans to fit you, raise your hand (hand risen!). Well I found the perfect fitting jeans - Paige Jeans. They are tailored to people without many curves, which isn't a bad thing, just hard to shop for. I've tried everything from Sevens to Joe's ...more»
Jeans Jeans Jeans….Paige Jeans it is!
There are so many jeans out there that its so hard to choose from. And most of the time, you end up buying a pair and they stretch out or rip. This is what happened to a pair of $180 jeans I bought last year after 3 months of use!!! Anyway, a friend of mine recently introduced me to Paige ...more»
UNIV Jeans and Robust Flavor
About a week ago I received a shipment of UNIV black skinny jeans and a few t-shirts. I must say that these jeans are probably my FAVORITE jeans ever! They fit SO well and aren't the flimsy usual jean material that rip after 2 months (COUGH::Citizens::COUGH). I wore them for the first time and they don't stretch out by the ...more»
Lindsey Skinny Jeans.
I must buy. I must buy. I must buy. Forever 21 has skinny jeans named LINDSEY ! They must be for me! They are a whopping $12.50 - and no that isn't a typo. Cute color too! ...more»
brilliant buys!
I know that you've all heard of Forever21. It seems like they're having this brilliant buys thing going on where you can stock up on summer clothes for DIRT CHEAP. Check this out: SKINNY JEANS: $12.50.   THE PERFECT SUMMER DRESS:$11:50 FLOWY DRESS TOP: $6.50  ...more»
skinny jeans gets second round of admirers
Skinny jeans have been a pretty big craze for the past... eh, i'd say 2 years. I got into them last year and I love my only (dark gray/black) pair of skinnies. I got a huge hole in the crotch (no idea how) and I was devastated, but with a little thread and the pinch and pin method I was ...more»
How to FIND / MAKE YOUR OWN skinny jeans!
i love skinny jeans. who doesn't? and from the emails and comments i've been getting, so do you!! I found this site that lists places to buy skinny jeans in the area! Check it out and have fun shopping! Update: I just found this great HOW TO - sew your baggy jeans into skinny jeans on Cut Out + Keep. This ...more»
Get the skinny on colored skinny jeans.
So, as you probably already can tell, colors are the new thing for the season. And not just any colors -- bright, bold colors! But what do you think about colored jeans? I think it looks hideous! The only "colored" jeans that I'd wear are blue, black and grey... I'm not sure I understand the phenomena of fake 80's colored ...more»
Get the skinny on Skinny Jeans!
Skinny jeans are back. (As if you didn't already know from the overplayed Gap commercial). People wore them in the 80's so why can't they wear them now? ...more»