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Stella Dot is my new favorite jewelry
A couple weeks ago, my friend invited me to a Stella Dot party that she was hosting for her other friend who reps the jewelry. I figured that I had nothing else to do that morning so why not go? Remember when your mom had tupperware parties? Well this is basically the same thing, only instead of tupperware, you're buying ...more»
Tungsten: Affordable and Fashionable!
Have you guys heard of Tungsten? It's becoming more and more popular in different types of jewelry because it's so durable. I just found out about it last weekend when I was shopping with a friend and I am pretty much sold on it. Tungsten is  available in many types of jewelry and in fact, you probably own some and don't even ...more»
Poshlocket’s Fall Jewelry!
The one thing that I dislike about the fall and winter seasons are that the clothes get sort of boring. There are only so many ways you can wear a sweater and jacket and usually the patterns aren't that great. That's why you really have to rely on jewelry to bring out the style in your wardrobe. Poshlocket has some ...more»
I heart this jewelry!
Are you a member of Ideeli? (Email me if you want an invite!) It's a shopping site that you sign up for and has amazing DISCOUNTED sales! Well, I was checking my daily Ideeli email today and saw a bunch of Erica Anenberg rings... yes, the double rings!!! For half the price. I am having a hard time resisting these ...more»
How Do You Store Your Jewelry?
That is the question for today. How do you store your jewelry? I have so much jewelry saved up and when I throw it in a box, they necklaces get all tangled! This pretty cute Bird Vine jewelry stand (from Urban Outfitters) is a great idea, but doesn't seem like it holds much. I know a ton of you out ...more»
My new DIY Necklace Display
I just put the finishing touches on this necklace display that I made. Handpainted and with a little help from Jared cutting the wood and screwing in the knobs. Now all I have to do is get some ribbon and staple gun that to the back so it can hang on the wall on a minimal nail, instead of screws. I'm ...more»
Another form of guerilla marketing?
If you somehow missed the controversial bomb scare that went on earlier this year in Boston this past year, or can't get enough of Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Adult Swim, then you MUST purchase this necklace. Its so rad, that how could resist, really? But beware upon entering Boston, they just might think this is another form of a ...more»
Lucite jewelry is making a comeback.
So get ready for the new jewelry trend and stock up on Lucite. What is Lucite? It's basically plexiglass, which is a lightweight transparant thermoplastic resin. So why Lucite? Because it can be shaped into many different shapes, and boasts an array of bright colors - which makes Lucite perfect for the spring season. Not to mention, it makes your ...more»
A necklace is worth a thousand words…
Urban Outfitters has been suprising me lately with all these unique necklaces, such as the seashell leaf necklace, this beautiful yet simple butterfly necklace and this asymmetrical bird necklace. With spring in place, these will make a wonderful addition to any spring outfit! Check out their website for some more great designs! ...more»
Let's call this the comeback.
Bangles are about to make a comeback. Well... just as soon as the weather allows us to wear summer clothes. These beautiful bangles are from Urban Outfitters... crafted with much detail and just a perfect addition to any outfit. Needless to say, bangles are just fun to wear! ...more»
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