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Happy Mother’s Day!
To all you wonderful Mothers out there.... Wishing you a fabulous and happy Mother's Day! It's because of you that we're all here! Here's a picture of me and my mom :) ...more»
I Need a Vacation!
Hi Everyone! So as some or all of you might know, I have moved out of the Big Apple and into a small town called Springfield, MO - temporarily. I'll only be here until end of April, then I'll go to SD for a few months. However, my boyfriend, Andrew and I are planning a vacation and we can't decide where ...more»
i'm moving out of new york. where should i go?
Dear fashion readers... (via Today in our monthly all team meeting at work, I announced that I’m leaving the company. In fact, I’m not only leaving the company, I’m moving the heck out of the state of New York. So there you have it. There are a couple reasons why I am leaving - I’m a California girl at heart and ...more»
Top 10 Things to NOT do on Valentine's Day…
I wrote a post with Bill Cammack on Top 10 things to NOT do on Valentine's Day.....whether you hate the holiday, love it or don't even think it should be considered a holiday, check out the post! Here's a preview: 6. Don’t *NOT* send her flowers at work L: You see, there’s an unspoken game that goes on at everyone’s work on Valentine’s ...more»
Christmas in NYC!
I spent my Sunday watching Sunday Night Football and posing for some cute Christmas pictures in our matching JCrew onesie PJs. Also, Andrew and I visited the tree at Rockafellar Center. Gotta love it! ...more»
25% off Victoria's Secret Coupon
Just to let everyone know, that until next Monday Nov 10th, get 25% off a single item from Victoria's Secret online by typing in the promo code "25ITEM" Now you can buy some of my favorite lounge pants below! :) Good luck! ...more»
How much pink is too pink?
Ever since pink became more of a trend than a mere way to support the breast cancer cause, people all over have been capitalizing on this new phenomenon. I, for one, have been a huge supported of the color pink since I can remember and because more and more companies have pink items, I'm thrilled. But how much pink (in ...more»
10 Mistakes Guys Make When Trying to Get a Girl
Guys - so you're single and you are trying so hard to get a girl, but there's just no success? Here's one tip - You're NOT following the rules. Here are some tips from Bill and me..... GOOD LUCK. ...more»
Nah, I don't really know much about fashion….
...or anything for that matter! I'm writing this post to clarify previous posts. I don't preach about knowing everything there is to know about fashion. I can hardly name 10 top designers. Ok, 5. I don't buy expensive clothes because I don't make enough money for that. I buy knock-offs. Yes, I said it. Not exactly for the print, but because ...more»
Tanning Salons.. why so expensive?
I'm just going to rant about how expensive it is to get a good tan. I hate this weather in New York. It's May (almost June) and it's freakin' cold and rainy outside. WHAT THE HELL? I went to my local tanning salon on my way home, but first - I checked online to see if they were offering first ...more»
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