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Summertime.. and the livin's easy..
No, its really not summertime.. and who knows if your life is easy or not. But that's not the point. Mother Nature is trying to confuse us that it's really summer in January in New York. Its 60 degrees today. So I'm playing along and trying to confuse you with buying summer clothes. I'd really be confusing you, if I ...more»
my striped dress!
So I got this striped dress from Urban Outfitters for Christmas!! I love it. I'm so excited to wear it... because you can not only wear it as a dress, but also a shirt. Double whammy!! It's not online, so you gotta go pick it up in stores...Happy Hunting!!!!!!!!! ...more»
I hope everyone has a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (And gets a ton of stuff from Urban Outfitters and other various cool stores!) ...more»
Let's play Dominos!
I saw these amazingly awesome dominos at Z Gallerie at Fashion Island. I tell you, that place has some pretty cool things. Now even if you don't like rhinestones, how can you not like these? Its not only fun to play with but even more fun to look at!!! ...more»
Andy Warhol wallet
I am in a mood for Andy Warhol designs today. This wallet is quite unique as well! So start saving your change! ...more»
Another use for midi cables
This cuff rocks. So cool.. I mean if you're already a music freak, why not wear it? And I thought midi cables were used only for sound equipment... boy was I wrong. ...more»
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