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How Juicy is Juicy Couture?
I buy into brand names, yes I'll admit I have designer clothes. The one brand that I wil never buy is Juicy Couture. And this is why. First off, when I think of Juicy, I think the names sounds FAT. Then I think of those bright sweatsuits, its like one size fits all or something and I think "rich kids ...more»
Rob and Corinne visit the office!
Rob and Corinne, hosts of the fabulous show, Thread Heads stopped by to hang out at our office this past week. Little did they know that we presented them with some D.I.Y Ipods...? Meanwhile, they filmed Episode 7 of Thread Heads... so you should definitely check that out! ...more»
Pattern overload!
Here's a fashion tip: DON'T mix patterns. If you are wearing an overbearing pattern, such as the plaid shown in this picture, stay away from another form of plaid. And on top of that, don't pair it with a crazy neon patterned hoodie. First off, don't wear that hoodie with anything -- it's a recipe for a fashion disaster. Overall, ...more»
Style Icon: Rachel Bilson
I think we can all agree that Rachel Bilson's got great style and generally looks fabulous in anything she puts on. I've compiled a few articles of clothing to mimic the ever so fabulous Rachel Bilson look! Long cardigan sweater from$59.50 Levis cut off 501 boyshorts available at Urban Outfitters...$68.00 ...more»
Fashion is not a luxury. It's a right.
Ladies, she brought us Sex and the City and now she's bringing us her own clothing line... and for modest prices! Sarah Jessica Parker presented her new clothing line, Bitten, at a private launch last week in New York City! She is selling the line to the popular chain, Steve and Barry's. This means that you gotta hit up a Steve ...more»
Sticks and Stones can break my bones…
And bad fashion will also hurt me.... check out these pictures. And I thought the Marilyn Manson look was well on its way out in the late 90's. Apparantly Tara Subkoff is trying to bring it back. Her "Imitation of Christ" was welcomed with gasps as the crowd caught of glimpse of the models as they strutted down the runway with ...more»
Carmen Electra take a dive on the runway.
This past Wednesday at a Max Factor fashion show in San Francisco, Carmen Electra took quite the fall as she walked from the runway. But she wasn't the only one. Days of Our Lives actress Ali Sweeney followed soon after. The was a charity even that was raising money to help out children's charities. This is probably the funniest thing that's ...more»
High Waisted Pants are ugly.
Someone call the fashion police. I'm serious. Major designers are playing a joke on the innocent fashion hungry people; they are telling them that high - waisted pants are in style. We'll let me be honest with you. High waisted pants didn't look good in the 80's and most definitely DON'T look good now. I don't care if you're 5'8" ...more»
Marc Jacobs goes to rehab
Fashion designer, Marc Jacobs has just check himself into rehab and is currently seeking treatment for his drug and alcohol addiction.   News of his voluntary entry came Monday ┬áMarch 12, the same day he received two nominations from the Council of Fashion Designers of America for its upcoming awards. Jacobs' business partner Robert Duffy said he'd been sober for seven years, ...more»
Thread Heads: Three times a charm!
How do you thread a needle? Watch and find out!!!! Click on the link to watch the episode. And thank you Rob and Corinne for yet another great episode! ...more»
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