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The most up-to-date tech news and prominent deepfake personalities
How does the neural community change celebrities into porn stars with the aid of deepfakesThe Online is getting recognition FakeApp application, replacing the character in the video. From innocent amusements like the introduction of Nicolas Cage into movies wherein he didn't act, the customers without delay switched to pornographic.The realism from the photo has arrived at a level where exactly ...more»
Heart Shaped Brownies With Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
After eating super healthy for the past few weeks, I told Dan he could have whatever he wants for dessert tonight. He chose brownies with chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Definitely not on my diet, but I loved making it! Plus, it smells SO good! ...more»
Brown Hair for Fall?
For as long as I can remember, my hair has been all sorts of different colors. When I was in college, it was light brown with blonde streaks, then post college it was brown with blonde/brown streaks. For the last few years It's had a red hue to it... almost red, I should say. Well. I'm kind of ready to ...more»
What would you wear on a night out to a casino (for women)
People go to casinos for different reasons. Some go because they want to take part in the gambling at the poker and roulette tables, some go for the entertainment, and some go because it's a great place to get dressed up for and have a good night. Dressing up for the casino is definitely lots of fun and especially when ...more»
Steve Madden Sannibel: On Sale!
Nothing says summer to me, more thanĀ a pair of white, sophisticated sandals. Maybe it's just the color white - I associate it with lounging in the Bahamas or Jamaica. I guess it's because white really brings out your tan and since you're on vacation you really don't care if you get it dirty of not (that's the sensible side of ...more»
Beachwear Cover-Ups
What do you cover-up with when you go to the beach? Probably shorts and a tank, or a sundress. But what if you're on vacation and you want to look nice and just a little stylish? Then, the tunic is your friend! I've searched high and low for some tunics for my Florida vacation coming up and I'd like your opinion ...more»
Trend Alert: Matte Nailpolish
Say what? Matte nailpolish? Yup, that's right folks, forget the super shine top coat on this one. O.P.I. has jumped on board so you know it's extra hot.I actually picked up "La Paz-itively Hot" (The pink one, of course) and didn't realize it was a Matte until I got halfway home and read the tag. The tag reads says you ...more»
Fashion Runway Falls: Is the Shoe Worth It?
With NYFW coming to a close, I'm sure you've been keeping up with the latest trends, tragedies (R.I.P Alexander McQueen), and Oops moments! Well, I'd like to tak the time to talk about the multiple falls during fashion week. I can understand that as a designer, you'd want your models to have the most cutting edge, unique heel to match the ...more»
Katy Perry : Love Her Style : American Idol
Can i just say how much I love Katy Perry's style? She is so eclectic yet ballsy and elegant - all rolled into one. Plus her voice is amazing too, so that's just added bonus points! And I am super excited that she's going to be hosting American Idol tonight! (follow her on twitter @KatyPerry) Which celeb's style do you emulate? ...more»
The Ultimate Wacky Gift Destination
Fred Flare is one of my favorite online places to shop when it comes down to unique random gifts for people. Yeah, they probably don't NEED it, but their life is a whole lot better with these gifts.. such as... PB and J Earrings! Bacon Wallet Giant Cupcake Mold Cheeseburger Phone from Juno Mini Panda Skillet ...more»
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