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Computer Geek boxers!
Are you a computer geek? Then these boxers are for you. If you look closesly, the word "computer geek" is spelled out in grey letters! ...more»
How to find the perfect comfortable affordable boot!
I spent much of the last month scouring the streets of New York to find the perfect pair of boots, and weekend upon weekend I was left with the constant disappointment in finding nothing. Either that, or the boots were way too pricey. Here are a few requirements that I wanted in my "perfect boot." 1. The heel shouldn't be ...more»
Urban Outfitters – 50% off sale items!
So I went shopping at Urban Outfitters again this weekend and just to let everyone know, there's a 50% off sale for all the already marked down sale items. I bought a pair of earrings that were originally $18.99 for $4.99 and a pair of $60 jeans for $10!!!! It was amazing and they have some awesome deals, so if ...more»
why bug out with big bug eyed glasses?
Here's one trend that I can't seem to embrace. Big bug eyed glasses. I'm not sure the point.. do they block more sun than just regular sunglasses? Is the purpose to hide most of your face? Well I think I've made my point above with the picture of Nicole Richie. She looks ridiculous and it looks like she's either dressing ...more»
Fashion Don't # 57
Notice something wrong with this picture?? If you are thinking, "what is wrong with her legs?!?!?," then you are correct!!! I spotted this lady wearing skin colored tights today at lunch. Tights aren't bad, if they are skin color, they aren't even that bad, but if they are skin colored AND have a pattern, that's just really bad. It looks ...more»
Etsy and other handmade stuff!
Etsy is an awesome website. It features TONS of handmade stuff that you can buy and you can also sell your own handmade stuff! I've listed a couple of things that I think were pretty sweet, including a picture of capuccino cups and also a mini lined comic-print notebook. In any case, its easy to sign up, so if you haven't ...more»
When I go to the Hamptons this summer…
... this is what I'll bring... From top to bottom: A supersoft beach coverup for when I'm not tanning, some stylish and comfy espadrille wedges - perfect for day or night, a snazzy tote to lug all of the essentials to and from the beach, a few headbands to keep your hair looking fresh, SUNSCREEN! with a little shimmer of ...more»
How Juicy is Juicy Couture?
I buy into brand names, yes I'll admit I have designer clothes. The one brand that I wil never buy is Juicy Couture. And this is why. First off, when I think of Juicy, I think the names sounds FAT. Then I think of those bright sweatsuits, its like one size fits all or something and I think "rich kids ...more»
Rob and Corinne visit the office!
Rob and Corinne, hosts of the fabulous show, Thread Heads stopped by to hang out at our office this past week. Little did they know that we presented them with some D.I.Y Ipods...? Meanwhile, they filmed Episode 7 of Thread Heads... so you should definitely check that out! ...more»
Pattern overload!
Here's a fashion tip: DON'T mix patterns. If you are wearing an overbearing pattern, such as the plaid shown in this picture, stay away from another form of plaid. And on top of that, don't pair it with a crazy neon patterned hoodie. First off, don't wear that hoodie with anything -- it's a recipe for a fashion disaster. Overall, ...more»
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