Officially got the feather-in-hair trend. So far its not as annoying as I thought it would be and I’ve washed my hair twice. I think the problem is going to be getting it out. Do I look hip now?


Ok, I know that when you’re waiting for your online shoe purchase to be delivered, you should not buy another pair. These were $40 with a 10% discount! Could. Not. Resist.

HOLD on the vacation. I think I’m going to start officially saving up for this purse. I saw it at Kitson yesterday for about $350 and just couldn’t justify it as an impulse buy. It’s gotta be under $100 to be “impulse” in my opinion. BUT, damn is this nice. I love the quilted material and the fact that it’s just small enough to hold all your necessary items.. ID, credit cars, keys and phone. Am I missing anything?


Got this cuff from H&M. $10! A bargain in my opinion. What do you think?

This is an issue for me every Friday and Saturday night (and even sometimes Thursday nights). What to wear? I usually tell my friends that I need some “going out clothes.” My closet is actually pretty sad. Everything in my close is “cute” or too work-ish. The problem is, when I actively try to look for something new, I NEVER find anything. And my other problem is when I go shopping, I usually return with a handful of heels and no clothing. Bah! So this morning, I’m going to spend some time and find some affordable decent going out clothes. This afternoon I’ll go try them on, and I’ll report back. PS. It’s definitely a win-win situation if you can wear the clothes out, but then throw a blazer over it and wear it to work as well. Double whammy!

I’m starting with Express since I know the one in Marina Del Rey gives a 25% off with a Foursquare check-in. Yes, props to me for being savvy too.

I actually really like this Poet Sleeve Top. It’s casual yet you can easily dress it up. I like it in white, too, though I have something very similar (less dressy), so I’d probably try it on in “Bali.” That’s a fun summer color, don’t you think?

Love this Ruffled One Shoulder Dress. This is the kind of dress that you’d have to try on because it looks great on the model and in theory, but could look totally different on you. Plus it’s only $40…. it’s 40% off! Deal!!!

What I love about these pants is that fit perfectly into my “Double Whammy” category. You can easily pair them with a nice top and blazer and be on your way to work. Or throw on some sassy heels, like in the photo and wear them on a night out on the town.

Ok so that concludes my shopping rampage at Express… note:  I have not bought any of the above items, just online shopped — what I do best. Let me know if you have any other suggestions — my closet is in dire need of a makeover!

Thanks! XOXO – LC




Is this really a new trend or is the “wedged” look just making it’s way to the forefront of fashion again? They’ve been around — In fact, I think I’ve have about 5 pairs in my closet. Yes, they are hands-down the most comfortable type of “heel” you could choose, but also give off a fun, flirty, casual vibe. My cousin and I just picked up a pair of these (in different color, obv) and I am pretty much obsessed with these. So far I’ve gotten a bunch of compliments on them and I’m sure she has too.  They are called Turnpyke from Steve Madden and if I were going to make a bet, I’d say they run out of them in the next month or so, so if ya want ’em, get ’em now!

Mine are the Cognac Multi color and my cousin got the Natural Multi.


I’ve been out in the working world for nearly 6 years, and if you looked in my closet, you’d have no idea. I had the good fortune to be able to wear casual outfits to work – jeans and a t-shirt. However, recently I’ve felt that dressing up is quite fun. Plus, you looks a lot more important. So I guess you can say it’s time for a wardrobe work-wear makeover. What do you think of the pieces below? Work-ready?

1. Chiffon Cami from American Eagle. If you’re on a budget (like me) then this is for you!

2. Classic black patent leather pumps. A must for any kind of office.

3. Shirt Dress. Just add a blazer and you’ll be good to go!

4. Classic Black Blazer. Throw it on and voila! You have a work-appropriate outfit!

5. Seersucker Pencil Skirt. Sophisticated and cliche, but spiked with an edge.

Just as stripes are the new black, clutches are the new purses. Yes, they can be a little tedious to carry when you’re on a night out with the girls, but they sure do liven up any ‘ol kind of outfit. I would love to have any one of these… absolutely brilliant. Yes, please! (Click on the pic for more info)

Tylie Malibu Runaway Skinny Sultan Clutch


Cleobella Nikko Hand-Beaded Envelope Clutch

Wow, that was an expensive lunch. I went for lunch with the girls in the office and we made a casual stop into my favorite boutique, Francescas. They have (hands-down) the best accessories, summer dresses and (apparently) shoes! Yup, I’m a sucker for shoes. Within 15 min, I bought these Leah Vixamar pumps. They were $68, but I got ’em down to $40 by just pointing out some minor scratches. My advice is to always negotiate, even when you think you can’t. And they are my favorite shoes… the best $40 I’ve ever spent! I love to “lightening bolt” slits on either side. And the back of them have a single rhinestone.

I usually don’t go for makeup because of the packaging. Ok, that’s a boldface lie. But nothing this cutesy. This Hello Kitty “Say Hello Palette” is so incredibly cute, and best of all it comes with four eyeshadows and two blushes. The only thing it’s really missing is some lip gloss. But, hell, I’d forgo the lip gloss for the cute packaging. I have way too many scattered lip glosses in my purse anyway. Hmm, but for a price of $35… those makeup colors better be good. Whaddya think?

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