I just had a conversation with my friend about meeting people when you’re single. She said that it’s so sad that a lot of guys only want to talk to girls who “look good.” That is sad. I have a lot of friends who are not conventionally “model-size” or have the perfect balanced proportions, and you know what? Who cares! They are some of the most awesome people that I know. It’s great that people like J.J. Israel are taking the time to make documentaries about this issue. I think it’s sad that people in America, (especially LA) value looks so greatly. (At the same time, I can’t say I’m not to blame.)

She’s looking for some people to help make this documentary a reality, so if you truly believe that beauty is more than just skin-deep, help donate here! Every penny counts 🙂

We sleep in them every night and to that point, sleep is very important. But why am I always hesitant about buying new sheets? The last pair of sheets I bought were from Century 21 (a discount store in New York, which was 2 subways and a bus away. Not to mention the pain it took to lug the stuff back to my apartment.) But for some reason, the cheap prices always made it worth the trip. My sheets cost only $30 bucks and 3 years later, they had holes in them. Not just little holes… I’m talkin’ bout 6 or 7 inch long rips in them. So then I finally decided that I need new sheets STAT. After some researching, I did manage to buy some pretty affordable linens and with some shopping around, got a pretty good deal. But let’s not talk about those. Let’s talk about how beautiful these Barbara Barry sheets are… ahh they are so amazing. But the price, O-M-G. Do people really spend this much on a good sheet set? I think with the whole she-bang, we’re talking over $500 here. I can’t justify. Is the thread count really worth the price?

A simple fashion statement that always wins and never lets you down is the multi-faceted LBD. Little Black Dress. But, I have to ask, why? I get that black makes you look slim, but white makes you look tan. And with summer on the horizon, I think we should bring back the Little White Dress. Isn’t that why we lay out on the beach all day? Just to get a great tan and look good? I love this simple style by J. Crew. Slimming around the natural waistline, this dress and casual top, this dress is perfect for the work place, date night or night out with the girls.

Rompers were all the rage last summer. They somewhat of a throwback to my childhood days when my mom used to dress me in rompers and jumpers.. oh, hell.. what’s the difference anyway? But these ones are different. They are cute, shorter and have just the right amount of girly-ness without being too child-ish. So whaddya think? Still in? or Ditch ’em?

With the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton finally here, you may be asking yourself… well, how do I find a prince for myself? My friend, Bill and I got together and created a list that’s a good start to getting you on your way to find your Prince Charming….

Lindz (

Lindsey Chen (Lindz)

1. Start saving your pennies now! – We all know princes are filthy rich, but that doesn’t mean they want you to be their charity case. Knowing that his princess works hard and can take care of herself financially is a turn on for him. Let’s be honest.. You really won’t have to.. It’s just in theory.

2. Commit yourself… To him: Even if you break up (That is.. If you still think you want a chance) – Notice how Prince William dated all kinds of different women when he broke up with Kate, but she dated NO ONE. That’s because a prince doesn’t want someone else’s leftovers. And if a Prince doesn’t want it, he doesn’t have to have it.

3. Know what a fascinator is.. And wear one – Even if you think it looks ridiculous, a prince wants a lady who’s put together, and fascinators make you look important.

4. Don’t bask in the limelight – That’s just bad form. You did this because you love him, not to get famous, right?

5. Don’t wear those shirts that say “It’s Not Easy Being a Princess” – Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to have an operation done by a doctor wearing a shirt that says “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor”. Case in point.

Bill (

Bill Cammack

6. Meet a prince – Princes don’t hang out at your job, in your apartment, or at your local bar. Find out where princes chill, like the polo club or whatever, and go post up there.

7. Carry yourself regally – Princes don’t want paupers. They want refined women that just happen to have been overlooked somehow. Be that woman.. Make him feel lucky that he found you, instead of the other way around.

8. Play Your Position – Recognize that you won’t be calling ANY shots, because he’s royalty by blood and you aren’t… However.. Expect and demand that your prince treats you with the proper respect and reverence as should be afforded that special gal that he selected to be his *only* woman AND bear him a couple dozen heirs.

9. Cultivate skills other than sex and cooking – The basics are only going to get you the audition. If you want to make it onto the roster and eventually become the cream that rises to the top, you’re going to have to have a lot more going for you than the same thing that all the other women offer him every day of the week.

10. Don’t go outside looking busted – Make sure you look stunning at all times. Women that princes date REMAIN paparazzi-fodder. A prince wants people to read the tabloids and say he’s extremely lucky to be marrying that woman, instead of “Dag! o_O .. He must have gotten her pregnant! :(”

I’m 27 years old and I’ve been told that I look 15. Take it as you will, but when I look at my face closely in the mirror, I see fine lines. Rather than wait until I want botox, I decided to start now. I ran across this relatively inexpensive treatment at the drugstore a few days ago. So far it’s been easy to apply, however I haven’t noticed any visible signs of improvement yet. I will give this a month run and see how it performs. Fingers crossed. Anyone else have experience with this product?

Hi Urban Updater readers….

So I am having a semi-fashion dilemma. Today I accompanied my friend to DSW so she could buy some new heels. Unfortunately, I found a pair that I really wanted! They did not have my size. Boo. So the first thing I did when I got home was go to the DSW website and see if I could find them. Find them, I did. I also found another pair that I did not see in the store that I absolutely love. Now.. the dilemma… which to get? The one that gets more votes is the one I’ll buy. Thanks for helping me choose!

Option 1: Moda Spana Query Pump

Sophisticated, flirty, delicate, yet can be worn with a dressy outfit or with everyday jeans. I love the decoration on the toe. It make the heel more fun and not so boring.

Option 2: Moda Spana Phila Pump

These are extremely fun and casual. They go well with everyday work outfits, and the knot over the toe gives it a little enhanced uniqueness. Plus, I love the gray color and the little extra height in the platform heel.

With summer headed here in full-speed, I am beginning to update my wardrobe. And obviously the other most important thing in my wardrobe is a purse. I’m looking for a cross-body purse so I’m hands-free this summer, but can’t find out that is small enough, but can still hold my essentials and leather is pretty much a must-have. I found this pretty cute, modest purse from Aldo. It’s called Clingenpeel. I mean, where do they come up with these names?! I’m not totally sold on it until I see it in person, but am willing to take recommendations. Anyone have any that you love?

I first heard of nail polish gels last November and I was intrigued. The only thing holding me back from actually getting it done was that it seemed like a pain to take off. The PROs of getting gels are that your nails are dry immediately – no having to be careful when putting your seatbelt on in the car or struggling to get your phone out of your purse. A little over 2 weeks ago I decided to try it. I picked OPI Axxium because I’m kind of an OPI snob. Who isn’t? It’s the best! This photo below is over 2 weeks old and my nails look shiny and new. You can see, however that my nails did grow out and there is a little un-painted space in the back. However I didn’t think it looked SO bad, especially since the color was so dark; I expected it to be much more obvious. The color that I have on in the photo below is “Lincoln Park After Dark.” I think the next time I get gels, I’m going to go with a more neutral color. I think it will be less noticeable that I need a color change after two weeks. However, given that I’m always outdoors, I’m amazed that these wore so well after 2 weeks! The funny thing is, my pedicure (done with regular nail lacquer) wore off faster than my mani!

I love this dress. It’s not something that I’d really pick out when shopping per-se, but that’s the beauty of online shopping. You can see how it looks on someone else and decide if this is something you’d wear. Yes, it’s definitely something that I’d wear. I need to branch out of my normal, boring outfits and start shopping for fun, summery dresses like this.

What kind of dresses are you looking forward to this most this summer?

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