So I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There’s this hot band on the radar from Los Angeles, California called Wet Brain. Wet Brain is made up of 4 talented young individuals, Parker (vocals, guitar), Colin (lead guitar), Kevin (drums), and Dan (bass) who have rocked the LA scene for the past year and are currently recording a brand new demo as well a playing tons of shows in the LA area.

If you live in LA, check them out!!! They put on a great live show ( i know… ’cause I’ve seen them a few times) and have amazing energy onstage… you should try and catch them at a small venue before they get signed and start selling out in huge arenas. Then you can tell all your friends that you knew of the next biggest thing before it hit. Word.


All right… all you people out there who love this look, as I do, but don’t want to deal with the effort of folding it and taking that chance that it will look bad, here’s a solution. This scarf is folded like this already, so you just gotta slip it on you head and waa-laahh… you have a bandana scarf!!!

Without jewelry boxes, really engagement rings look no special than ordinary rings with diamonds or pearls. Even body jewelry now comes with boxes.


No, its really not summertime.. and who knows if your life is easy or not. But that’s not the point. Mother Nature is trying to confuse us that it’s really summer in January in New York. Its 60 degrees today. So I’m playing along and trying to confuse you with buying summer clothes. I’d really be confusing you, if I posted an ugly shirt, but this top is actually cute and fun (and pink!), so you may buy it and wait until it gets hot… really.


I am actually laughing out loud right now as I post this t-shirt and people at my office must think I’m crazy. If you haven’t seen the spoof with Justin Timberlake on SNL, click below to view.

Thank you, Busted Tees, for creating this oh – so hilarious shirt. Now everyone go buy it and don’t forget to tell them who sent you!



Mickey Avalon… hmm where do I start? I saw him in a grungy bar a little over a year ago and BOOM!.. he is all of a sudden all over radio stations and some huge rockstar. Good? Well I’m not going to give you my biased opinion but some people refer him to a dirty Beck. Don’t confuse him to Eminem because they are nothing alike except for the fact they are white rappers…regardless, I think you should listen and decide for yourself.


“I saw Cady Heron wearing Army Pants and flip-flops, so I bought Army pants and flip-flops” – Mean Girls (best movie ever!!!)

Yeahhh… the summer collection is out!!!… I own a pair…. now you can too!


So I got this striped dress from Urban Outfitters for Christmas!! I love it. I’m so excited to wear it… because you can not only wear it as a dress, but also a shirt. Double whammy!! It’s not online, so you gotta go pick it up in stores…Happy Hunting!!!!!!!!!


So this is the part where I brag all about the gifts that Santa brought me this year. Apart from the lumps of coal in my stocking, I got this really cool waist belt. At first I thought, WOW that’s a weird color, but it goes with everything! (Suprisingly!!!) It also comes in red. I will post the rest of my gifts when I get some more pics of them… seeing as they aren’t on the website online. More to come in the next few days…


I hung out with my friend Sean this past weekend and he briefed me on the latest styles… We agreed that Ed Hardy (and Christian Audigier) have this great tattoo – look thing going on. The designs are chic, stylish and fun so check it!!! (They make women’s clothing as well!)

Hi everyone!! Wow it’s 2007. A new year and a time for some serious change. I’m back in New York after a much needed vacation / holiday in Los Angeles. With all this chaos and craziness in the city the past few days, its time to buckle down and focus on the New Year…and speaking of… what’s your New Years resolution?

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