Fabulous 80s vintage dress for only 35 bucks with intricate detail and buttons… bid now while supplies last!

Maki Maki is a great eBay store with TONS and TONS of vintage clothing from dresses to coats, tops and even accessories. The best thing about this site is that since it’s on eBay, prices start at ridiculously low numbers! Check it out for a great deal.


I fell in love with this dress from Urban Outfitters. Why? It’s not only elegant without trying too hard, but its simple, casual and great for both day and night because of its length. A simple dress like this is great to wear everyday or dress up in.

I have found it hard to find dresses that work in both situations,  but I think this one fits the bill.


So I was searching the web and found this really cool USB case made of Legos!!! It’s really simple to make — Here’s the link so you can make one for yourself!

Thanks Ian Hampton for the step by step instructions!


This week! Mind Control, and how you can avoid it. Learn how to build your own AFDB (aluminum foil deflector beanie) and take a plunge into the disturbing world of hats and their prey!


I found these amazing pair of Radiation Symbol Guitar Pick earrings on made by Maggies Handcraft Studio. They are made with a one inch wide guitar pick and topped off with a Swarovski crystal for a nice touch.


Last week on ThreadHeads, Rob and Corinne visited a local screen-printing shop called ABT’s and Camilo gave them the run down on how they screen print the professional way. Then, they took it a step farther and showed you how to make a screen and screenprint – DIY style from your very own home.

And speaking of t-shirts they also showed you some recent breakthrough t-shirt innovations such as Lumalive Technology, Tqualizer, Csiro, and a look at an awesome Threadbanger t-shirt designed and created by one of their viewers, Chris. Plus, they’re giving two free tickets to Maker Faire in the Bay Area. Watch the show to find out how!

This strange flower garden looking teapot is actually blooming flower tea!

You put the tea buds in hot water and they bloom right in front of your eyes with a deliciously refreshing tea!!! I love Full Bloom Tea and they are having a mother’s day special, so head on over there to find the perfect gift!!!


When I stopped into Sephora a few days ago, I couldn’t help but notice the large pile of slimming cream called “Fat Girl Slim.” SERIOUSLY? They are adding Caffeine and QuSomes to aid in the slimming and trimming of the body. This is for the seriously lazy person.

For $25 bucks you could buy yourself something healthy to eat and go for a run. Anyway, they recommend you to apply this twice a day and massage it into your skin for 20 to 30 seconds. Does this really work? I doubt it. I really really doubt it.

What this does, is proves to me that our nation is LAZY.


This weekend, I went out both nights (obviously). It was Cinco de Mayo AND the weather was great. However, I noticed an increasingly large number of short dresses. I don’t mean just short like above the knee, but I mean like “Wow.. I hope she’s wearing shorts under that and the wind doens’t pick up.”

Case in point, I got to thinking that short dresses are maybe the new “in” thing. REALLY short dresses. Kinda like the one shown above from Urban Outfitters.

Today when I went online, I had no trouble finding short dresses. Maybe I should buy some…

So if you watched the link below and want step by step instructions on HOW to dye your jeans with coffee, well today is your lucky day! has a great site on HOW To’s – And with this step by step instruction, you will be wearing the coolest jeans on the block in no time.


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