Skinny jeans are back. (As if you didn’t already know from the overplayed Gap commercial). People wore them in the 80’s so why can’t they wear them now?

I love skulls. And I love this skull shirt. I’m not sure if it’s because you look like a bad ass rockstar wearing it or because it just looks really really cool. The consensus is in, folks: Skulls are the new argyle!!!

I think if I owned this coat, I would hope and pray everyday that it was actually cold enough to wear this because its so damn cute! Thankfully, its 45 degrees today. Time to go shopping!!


Be bold, Be daring, make a statement without using words. We all have a little but of music lover in us…. right?

Cableknit Stripe LegwarmersCableknit Stripe Legwarmers

Have you ever had the dilemma of wanting to wear your favorite heels in the winter, but at last minute resorted to boots to keep your legs warm?


…. they are for regular people just like you and me. They are also the must – have fashion item of the season. Wear it as a scarf, belt, headband, or anything else you can think of!

I found a great Skull Scarf for $18.00.

Skull Scarf Skull Scarf

Free People Funnel Neck Sweater TunicFree People Funnel Neck Sweater Tunic

So after much searching aroud the internet and walking the streets of Manhattan, I have come to the conclusion that fashion is everywhere – not to mention people are so damn trendy! I have scoped out the hipster scene and found that Urban Outfitters is the place to shop. Not only is the store welcoming, bold , loud, and overwhelming all at the same time, but it brings a wide array of designers together to make it easier for YOU, the shopper, to get the most fashionable styles, in the shortest period of time.

I absolutely love this ‘look.’ Yup, sweaters are back, and just in time for the cold that is going to take over New York City before we know it.

This is my first post!

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