Urban Outfitters has been suprising me lately with all these unique necklaces, such as the seashell leaf necklace, this beautiful yet simple butterfly necklace and this asymmetrical bird necklace. With spring in place, these will make a wonderful addition to any spring outfit! Check out their website for some more great designs!



Phillip Lim is probably one of my favorite designers. This dress caught my eye and although the weather doesn’t permit it right now, it would be perfect for this upcoming summer! Can’t wait!


I LOVED this dress designed by Marc Jacobs and debuting at Fashion Week in New York. Its simple, chic and you really can’t go wrong with a simple black dress. I probably wouldn’t wear half the stuff that is modeled during fashion week to go out, but I would definitely sport this little classic black dress.


This shirt is only for the seriously celebrity obsessed people out there. First off, you have to have actually read In Touch magazine.. and if so.. you may have seen Audrina Patridge (from The Hills) sporting this shirt. Anyway, you can pick one up for yourself on


I visited the MoMA this weekend and I’ve come to realization that I really like modern art, especially pieces by Andy Warhol. The great thing about this book is that is that it has all of his fashion illustrations from the 1950’s pulled together in this fabulous fashion book. So read up, folks!

In honor of fashion week in New York, which starts TODAY… I’ve decided to post this hilarious fashion clip….



FINALLY they made a shirt with this phrase. Thank you Urban Outfitters.


I went shopping in Chinatown this past weekend for fake (but real) looking purses. My friend had gone there the previous week and said that they had great deals. I decided to check it out for myself. After browsing shady (and by shady, I mean REALLY shady) stores….left empty handed. I did leave Chinatown with a handful of knowledge and a great experience.

First off, the “good” fakes aren’t anywhere you can see. (I use the term ‘good’ loosely because they really aren’t that great). You get pulled into a store into a hidden passageway where you are crammed into a small hidden room in the back with the designer fakes. Either that, or you follow someone down a deserted street into a basement 2 floors down to look at the purses. I did both. All the purses are the same. In my opinion they were bad fakes and I would never buy one. The leather looks fake, the straps are unrealistic and obviously not even close to the real thing.

But then I realized.. is it quality or quantity?


Lately, I’ve been feeling like I don’t want to wear heels, boots or anything remotely dressed up. I like kicks and who doesn’t? With this unpredictible weather, they are perfect for having to sprint to the subway when it starts pouring, or allow you to walk for miles in the nice (eh.. sorta nice) weather. Here are two of my favorite… one pair for guys and one for girls. Check ’em out!

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