Apparantly I’m on a shoe hunt today, so here are some for guys. These are a pair of classic Asic kicks. However, the color is what makes them still cool more than 20 years after they were first made! I’d totally get a pair if i was a guy. These rule. Don’t you think?


What better way to dress up a boring outfit than with some cute ballet flats just like these! Made of wool tweed, threaded with bronze trim and finished with a bow to complete the look! And best of all, they are super comfortable, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion! Get yourself a pair at American Eagle!


Remember when I said Skulls are the new Argyle? Well, I lied a little…. because Argyle is obviously still rockin’ the style of our generation. I especially love this one because the colors fit so well together. This sweater, called the Fred Perry Front Argyle V Neck Sweater is available only online at Urban Outfitters.

I’ve been writing a lot about girls’ clothing… and the truth is, I think the guys are feeling a little bit left out. So guys, here you go!


Plaid pants: Now that’s hot. These are not over the top crazy but they still give you a lot of style and fashion. So I think if you’re a guy and you’re reading this, you should get yourself a pair. These ones are exclusive to Urban Outfitters Online… so buy them here.


How cute is this Sweater Knit Tote? Its made out of sweater material!!! Its soft and cozy, come fully lined and has 2 inside pockets inside. Besides, everyone has leather purses, so be different and get a sweater purse! Exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

Steve Madden Puffee Boot

I think Urban Outfitters should carry these boots made by Steve Madden. They are atypical of colorful rain boots that grace the streets of New York on a rainy day. I must admit, I’ve fallen victim to wearing those, although, I would trade those for these any day. …click here to read more

Today (and today only), Urban Outfitters is giving a 25% discount on all of their favorite Holiday Items so check out the website and get some holiday gifts!!! And by the way, shipping on the web is FREE for orders over $150!!!!


There are three main reasons why I like this Christmas Tree.

1. It’s pink (Let’s face it, I’m getting tired of green Christmas Trees… so cliche)

2. It doesn’t shed/doesn’t require water = no upkeep

3. When Christmas is over, its small enough to stuff under my couch until next year!

…. I made grew it out of clay water…dreidle1.jpg


This may look like your typical dreidel, but in reality its so much more. It comes as a small shriveled up piece of [I don’t even know what], and in 3 days it grows uo tp 600% of its original size. So when your friends brag that they grew their own Christmas Tree, you can say that you grew your own dreidel! WORD!


This dress also caught my eye in the store. Its also available on the Urban Outfitters website (but I just liked my picture better!)

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