This is a series of photos I took myself (as if you couldn’t tell by the amazing photography!). I saw this sweater tunic thing and liked it so much that I had to try it on. I didn’t catch the name of it (hence my own made up name) and when I called the store, the salesperson couldn’t find it. But, I swear, its in the store! So you will have to go check it out for yourself!


Yesterday, I browsed the Urban Outfitters on 14th and Ave. of the Americas. Now, out of all the Urban Outfitters that I’ve visited in NY, I found this to be the best (and biggest) one. I found some cool and interesting stuff that was not on the website… so I did what any normal (well maybe not normal) person would do and I brought a camera so all you readers could see!


I strolled through the Urban Outfitters on Broadway this afternoon and amidst the mess of picked over, post Thanksgiving shopping, I found these charm necklaces (Horseshoe charm, Heart Locket Watch charm and Multi – charm). Needless to say, I fell in love. These are not only unique (and exclusive to Urban Outfitters), but they have an eclectic sense of style for everyone! I’m still not sure which one fits my style best… Guess I will have to get them all….


Everyone needs something to say when you have nothing to say. I think this book is amazing, maybe because I love to throw out the most random, hilarioius and bizzare facts when people least expect it. Oh, and did you know that only one person in two billion will live to be 116 years or older?

Bla Bla Celebs and Bla Blah Quotes also available.


What came first: The turkey or the egg?


Yes, yes i do! Don’t be fooled by this innovative 10 – chain bracelet, complete with the last row of 11 charms (designed by Betsy Johnson). It’s not only a fabulous piece of jewelry to wear, but it’s a watch! Its only available online on the web, so don’t waste your time looking in stores!

The holidays are here! And what better way to travel than to travel in style? This chic, quilted travel tote make it easier to carry a ton of items and keep it neat and organized. It’s perfect to carry on the plane! So pack your bags and Bon Voyage!


Were you at the party? If not, check out this book by Merlin Bronques, featuring anonymous partygoers, rockstars, celebrities – some dressed up, some dressed down and some barely dressed at all!

Watch them through the lense of Bronques’ camera reveal some of their most intimate secrets and awesome outfits during and the after party. So grab your VIP ticket and welcome to the hottest party in town!

Skinny jeans are back. (As if you didn’t already know from the overplayed Gap commercial). People wore them in the 80’s so why can’t they wear them now?

I love skulls. And I love this skull shirt. I’m not sure if it’s because you look like a bad ass rockstar wearing it or because it just looks really really cool. The consensus is in, folks: Skulls are the new argyle!!!

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