hello everyone. if you’ve noticed that i haven’t been blogging as much as i used to, its because my internet in california (yes, i’m in california! yay) pretty much $ucks and chooses when it wants to work and when it doesn’t.

Which brings me to my point, sorry for the inconsistent number of blogs. i’ll try to fix that problem soon. thanks for reading! happy holidays!


I saw these amazingly awesome dominos at Z Gallerie at Fashion Island. I tell you, that place has some pretty cool things. Now even if you don’t like rhinestones, how can you not like these? Its not only fun to play with but even more fun to look at!!!


Yesterday, I was walking through Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I walked into Anthropologie and saw this dress, called the Gypsophilia Dress. Its elegant and can be casual or dressy. I think its a dress you could wear to virtually anything, not to mention a great dress for the holidays!


These Primp Thermals (as seen on Rachel Bilson and Paris Hilton) are cute. And we know that because we know Paris Hilton would never wear something that’s not cute… right? Ok, but seriously… thermals are the best because they are comfortable and these ones have little rhinestones, which make is so much better!


The dress has some serious style. The buttons at the neck and the stripes along the sleeves and trim of the dress make alone it uniquely different from anything else I’ve seen. Also comes in black, if the red it too bright for you, though personally, I love the red!


Yes, I really want this shirt. It’s cool. I like it a lot. Someone get it for me please? Thanks.


I think the reason I like this cashmere cardigan is because its kinda all over the place at once, while still being put together, haha. I can’t help but want to put this on and lounge around the house in it (though I don’t think my wallet would allow me to do so). Its available at Anthropologie. And yes, its all that its cracked up to be. 


As I waited in the neverending line at JFK Airport to check in my bags, I can’t help but notice other people’s suitcases. Contrary to my boring gray suitcase from 1912, (ok so not that old, but you get the point) I see this suitcase in line behind me, and I’ll admi – I was a little jealous.
LeSportSac has this new winter collection by Tokidoki with these adorable little Japanese characters. Get them while they are available. They 2 prints available and believe me, its a hell of a lot easier to spot your stuff if you have a bag like this one!


Yup, that’s right. This camera takes 8 picture, all on the same photo. That pretty much means this camera is better than yours, hence why you should consider investing in it. You can look like a master photographer, when really, its just the camera doing the work. And no one has to know. I promise I wont tell.


These books, written by Justin Racz, can take you from the worst mood to the best mood. See how other people’s lives are way more screwed up and worse than yours. And if you think that’s bad, just wait until you see the pictures! After reading any of these books, I guarantee your life will seem so much better.

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