Isn’t it the most frustrating thing when you are wearing gloves but then you can’t change the song on your ipod unless you take off your glove? Well you’re answer is here: Arm warmers!!! They keep your hands and arms warm and allow your fingers to move freely! I saw these adorable arm warmers in Urban Outfitters and the best part is that they allow you to manipulate your ipod at any given time while staying warm!!!


We have these tofu babies keychains on our bathroom key… and I came across them on the Kid Robot site and just had to post. How CUTE are these?!?! Their bodies and arms move seperately from thier head. Kid Robot is also the home to the Mr. Shivers Dunny and Munny…. and they all make great stocking stuffers!


This is my inspiration: Angel wings. They are just so delicate and pretty. I own this necklace, which I purchased last year in the Urban Outfitters store in Westwood, CA. I wore it to work this week and you wouldn’t believe how many compliments I got on it. So this is worthwhile posting again because its still available! There are also Angel Wing Earrings to match. (Comes in gold and silver)


Now if you would have asked me 6 months ago what I thought the most ridiculous fashion trend was, I would have said “ankle boots” without hesitation. Besides being the most ubiquitous fashion item of this seasion, they look like an awkward mix between a pump and a boot.

But after much thought (and living in a city saturated with fashion) and 6 long months, I actually decided that I liked these.. and I’m going to add them to my wish list. These shown above are from and, respectively.


I went to Urban Outfitters yesterday (I know, I go there A LOT) and I saw a guy wearing this blazer. He looked hot. I mean the blazer just looked really good, so I had to post it. I really like the stripes.. and it looks chic paired with some jeans. Anyway, what’s not to like about a blazer?


This cuff rocks. So cool.. I mean if you’re already a music freak, why not wear it? And I thought midi cables were used only for sound equipment… boy was I wrong.


So I decided to post another picture of myself. This time wearing a K&B Sweater Jacquard Deep V Top. Also available on Urban Outfitters website and in stores. I liked this because you can layer over tank tops and you really can’t go wrong with it. Not to mention, it looks like a different shirt if you layer over a different color tank. $48 and comes in a variety of different colors.


I was in the Urban Outfitters store just the other day and I couldn’t resist trying on some clothes and snapping some photos…… so I did. This time, however, I did not take them myself.

I really liked this tank top. Its the Sparkle and Fade V – Neck Tank top, and its available online and in the store!


… I would be an avid tie collector. If you are a guy, you should be! (That’s just my suggesstion). I found this set of really cool and unique ties (which, by the way, make great stocking stuffers) at, so check them out.!


Now these are my kind of post – its. Its easy and simple – just get to the point and tell us how you really feel. Everyone needs a set ( or two) of these!

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