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Workwear… Where?
I've been out in the working world for nearly 6 years, and if you looked in my closet, you'd have no idea. I had the good fortune to be able to wear casual outfits to work - jeans and a t-shirt. However, recently I've felt that dressing up is quite fun. Plus, you looks a lot more important. So I ...more»
Too soon for summer dresses?
I know it's still pretty much the dead of winter, but for some reason, stores are starting to display an array of summer clothing. This makes me not only mad that I can't wear this and also hopeful that I will be able to wear them soon! American Eagle is one of my favorite clothing stores for their plain and ...more»
A Peacoat would be nice.
I think I have become obsessed with buying coats/jackets and maybe that's because it's 46 degrees outside right now. I love peacoats as much as the next person, but having a peacoat that is both flexible and comfortable and STILL warm... well, now that's just a bargain. This particular coat is from American Eagle for approx 70 bucks, but you can ...more»
My Favorite Wifebea… Uh.. Boyfriend Tank.
I'll admit, I've gone through my share of wifebeaters. Cheap ones, cheaper ones, expensive ones.. and these are my favorite for these reasons: The low-cut-ness of the scoop neck is perfect, not too low, but very flattering The material does not stretch out after many wears so you don't have to wash after every use The colors are HOT! *These tanks come in a ...more»
my very expensive cheap weekend and why I love online shopping
Hello readers- Well this weekend was awesome. I didn't go out at night and I didn't really do much of anything - no cab rides, expensive dinners, or late night cab rides. FYI, my boyfriend wasn't in town and I didn't really feel like braving the cold at night by myself. I did, however manage to frugally spend a good deal ...more»
which one should i buy?
Again... back to my shopping decisions. I tried on this really cute vest at american eagle and then i saw this really adorable hoodie. which should i buy? they are around the same price... help! i guess the jacket is more practical.. but a vest is practical too, right? ...more»