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I have a sweet spot for Neiman Marcus’ shoes and purses. Yes, sadly I spend a lot of my time online window shopping for things that I can’t afford (yet!) They have such a great selection of the most sophisticated chic purses that it’s almost an addiction. One day, I’m going to leisurely walk through […]

Who doesn’t love purses? Not me, that’s for sure. I am always searching for the most stylish and unique purse out there. Bluefly is one of my new favorite sites for just that (and also designer clothing). They have tons of designer purses on sale! What more could a girl want? And they’re doing a […]

I just got this handmade purse by Indie Designers, 31 Corn Lane. It’s a small company started by 3 sisters and   they make these adorable purses, totes and wallets. Inside, they are lined with bright eclectic material. I love this purse! Check below for an interview they did on [youtube=]

Hey guys! Check out these really cool reusable tote bags. They are small enough to roll up into a ball and fit in your purse, then when you go grocery shopping (or any other shopping, for that matter), you can decline those plastic bags and use your own. It’s an eco-friendly bag and helps out […]

I think I need a new tote bag for the summer. Plain and simple. After regretfully buying many cheap $20 tote bags, I’ve finally come to the realization that I want a tote bag that’s soft, has a lot of pockets, fun and bright and has straps that are long enough to fit my arm […]

Ok- well not so much of a vacation, but a trip to LA. Yup I get to travel across the country again. And I need a new bag since I’ve been traveling with a HUGE backpacking – type luggage, which doesn’t make consolidating my things very easy. Anyway, here are 2 bags that I really […]