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Fall Sweater Dress
Needing some new sweater dresses for fall, and I think I found one that I like. $98 with 25% off. Bargain. Done. Sold. (Head over to Banana Republic for 25% off all purchases! ENDS TOMORROW 10/18) Now the issue is what boots and tights can I purchase to jazz up this outfit? Got any ideas? ...more»
Holiday, Christmas & Winter Dresses!
With the Holidays here, many of you will probably be visiting family, in-laws, boyfriend/girlfriend's parents, friends, etc. And while you can't just throw on on of your party dresses, there are a ton of alternatives out there that don't look too club-ish, yet are sophisticated and chic: perfect for the holidays. Here are a few of my favorites: 1. Drape Neck ...more»
Motorcycle Leather Jacket : Yes, please!
I love, love, love this jacket. Its subtle, yet edgy and perfect for California winters and summers (falls and aprings too!). I like that this jacket is short, and a beautiful tan color yet, has the subtle hints of the "motorcycle" flare with its neck and bottom closures. Great to wear to work or out to the bars, right? From ...more»
Best Candles of the Year: TOCCA
Tocca candles are to die for. I kid you not. I'm a huge candle addict. I recently bought a $25 Red Sangria candle from Banana Republic and was sadly disappointed that it burned through in a month and didn't even smell good. My boyfriend buys cheap Glade candles, which also do not smell. So you can imagine how estatic I ...more»
Which do you like best?
Leave me a comment below and tell me which sweater I should purchase. Both are from Gap and both are within the $48-$54 range - not a huge difference. The grey sweater also comes in light greyish-purple. Since I opened my credit card at Banana Republic, I have had the urge to shop at their sister stores. Hell, they even ...more»
I got a deal at Banana Republic!
I'm usually not an impulse buyer but yesterday while walking by Banana Republic I saw this jacket and I had to have it. I didn't fit into a size small (too big) and extra small was too small. Also the jacket was $250. After searching and searching and 2 stores later, I found the same jacket in the petite section ...more»