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Good morning breakfast!
They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I couldn't agree more. Ever since I've been on the Candida diet and have been eating hearty breakfasts (in order to take many pills and supplements in the AM), my body has been craving it. It's hard to find stuff to eat that has no gluten, sugar, ...more»
Nothing Says Holiday Like The Smell of Homemade Apple Cider
Making homemade apple cider is absolutely the best for the holiday season. It's so easy to make and it makes your home smell AH-Mazing! Plus, how beautiful does it look while simmering on your stove? Great for a party or just for yourself! Ingredients * 8-10 apples (I used gala for a less tart or intense taste) * 1/2-1 cup sugar * 4 tablespoons ...more»