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Ladies, summer is rollin’ on in and that means that you’re probably gearing up to hit the beach and fade away that pale skin for a sunkissed glow. Ah, ok – so before I go any further, I would like to make a disclaimer that it is super important to use sunscreen or else you’ll […]

I must buy. I must buy. I must buy. Forever 21 has skinny jeans named LINDSEY ! They must be for me! They are a whopping $12.50 – and no that isn’t a typo. Cute color too!

I love summery flowy dresses just as much as the next girl for a variety of different reasons. They are casual enough to wear to the beach, you can dress them up at dinner, they hide your flaws and stomach, and they are super comfy. I am thinking about buying these dresses from Forever21.. if […]