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So the Holidays are creeping up on us and you’re sitting there trying to hold off on shopping for as long as you can, simply because you just don’t know where to start. Well, then you’re just like millions of other Americans who haven’t the slightest clue on what to get. Hopefully this guide can […]

Fred Flare is one of my favorite online places to shop when it comes down to unique random gifts for people. Yeah, they probably don’t NEED it, but their life is a whole lot better with these gifts.. such as… PB and J Earrings! Bacon Wallet Giant Cupcake Mold Cheeseburger Phone from Juno Mini Panda […]

My uncle is a huge chocolate addict and apart from getting him a bunch of gourmet chocolates I thought that something creative and very VERY different was appropriate this holiday. I found BACON CHOCOLATE from Vosges Haut Chocolat and it’s the perfect gift. Not to mention they even have some fancy shmancy gourmet items too. […]

Hey there all you crafty fashionistas, If you still need something special for Valentine’s Day, check out this video, where Rob and Corinne of Threadbanger show us how to¬† make a sweet pair of boxers out of 2 pillowcases, and a rad corset with some old clothing. [youtube=]

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for those of you who are super crafty, you’ve probably already nixed the idea of a box o’ chocolates from Walgreens and the stuffed bear that comes with it. Here are some really great and unique ideas that you might enjoy. Also, if you have ideas of […]