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I have a sweet spot for Neiman Marcus’ shoes and purses. Yes, sadly I spend a lot of my time online window shopping for things that I can’t afford (yet!) They have such a great selection of the most sophisticated chic purses that it’s almost an addiction. One day, I’m going to leisurely walk through […]

Who doesn’t love purses? Not me, that’s for sure. I am always searching for the most stylish and unique purse out there. Bluefly is one of my new favorite sites for just that (and also designer clothing). They have tons of designer purses on sale! What more could a girl want? And they’re doing a […]

I’ve always been obsessed with gold… (and pink).. but I was browsing the Coach store and I saw a few clutches that are literally to die for… or maybe to buy for. I dunno, you decide.

I recently found out about the website, Love and Chic. They have some amazing designer clothing for cheaper than what’s you’ll pay in stores or on other sites. They’ve got everything from Armani, Juicy Miss Sixty, Diesel, Burberry to Gucci and more. I love Gucci and I saw this track suit and just had to […]

This Friday I am leaving to go to Houston for my cousin’s graduation. I needed a small duffle that I could take on the plane and could hold enough stuff for 4 days (I’m a very light packer). I found this Gucci duffle in Chinatown this weekend and bargained them down to $30 bucks. I […]