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Geeky Halloween Costumes FTW!
Halloween is just about the only day when girls can dress slutty sexy and no one can really say anything about it. Am I right? Well, it's also the day when the geeks show their true inner spirit and come dress as their, well, favorite, uh geek gadget. Hmm. Not very attractive if you ask me. But then who am ...more»
Top 5 Halloween Costumes To Get You Laid
Ladies (and Gentlemen)... Halloween is just around the corner, and I might add - it is my 3rd favorite Holiday (trailing just behind Christmas and Thanksgiving). Although I wish I could still dress up as a princess and trick or treat for some free candy, I've pretty much outgrown the phase. Halloween has since become a huge excuse for a ...more»
happy halloween! costumes for slackers!
DIY Halloween Costumes!
So we all know that Halloween is right around the corner and some of us (including myself) don't have halloween costumes yet! Well don't fret, here are some quick and dirty ways to make some fabulous costumes from scratch! A mummy, a fairy, pirate, witch!? Check out for more tips on Halloween costumes! ...more»