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Marc Jacobs: Day to Night Debbie
HOLD on the vacation. I think I'm going to start officially saving up for this purse. I saw it at Kitson yesterday for about $350 and just couldn't justify it as an impulse buy. It's gotta be under $100 to be "impulse" in my opinion. BUT, damn is this nice. I love the quilted material and the fact that it's ...more»
Marc by Marc Jacobs: Aiden vs Groovee
It's that time again - you know, the time when I search for a new purse that I desperately want and maybe* cannot afford. But hey, fashion is an investment, right? Plus, I gotta do my research! I am viciously torn between Marc by Marc Jacobs Baby Aidan and Baby Groovee. Both are super cute and around the same price. Which ...more»
Staying Fashionable Without Going Broke!
With the recession in full swing and the holidays coming up, saving money is probably one of the first things on our mind. But saving money doesn't mean you have to compromise on your look and style. In fact, there are tons of ways to keep your great style all while looking chic and stylish. These tips are only a ...more»
FutureFashion – A Sustainable Green Fashion Show!
Last week was Future Fashion, an all natural, fully sustainable eco-friendly fashion show put on by Earth Pledge in NYC. Though you may not associate high couture fashion with all natural and eco-friendly products, this may just give light to the whole "go green" image. Earth Pledge recruited hot designers such as Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein ...more»
Daisy Daisy!
'tis the season for giving and receiving.... and what better than to receive a bright, new, fresh floral scented perfume... DAISY by Marc Jacobs. This is the best perfume ever! No I don't own it, but that's just because it's been sold off shelves.. but more power to you if you can get your hands on it! try it and ...more»