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Went for lunch, came back with shoes.
Wow, that was an expensive lunch. I went for lunch with the girls in the office and we made a casual stop into my favorite boutique, Francescas. They have (hands-down) the best accessories, summer dresses and (apparently) shoes! Yup, I'm a sucker for shoes. Within 15 min, I bought these Leah Vixamar pumps. They were $68, but I got 'em ...more»
Louboutins . Worth the red sole?
It wasn't until about 3 years about that I really started to notice the Christin Louboutin trend. Yes, I agree that these are elegant and probably very comfortable shoes (I can only make a guess since I don't own any), but is the red sole really worth the price tag? These pastel pumps are pretty darn cute... and knowing they ...more»
Skirts I want, but probably don't need.
I haven't been to Urban Outfitters in quite a while and I'm pretty ashamed at myself. But, I swear, it's because of the cold weather and me being lazy and staying in my warm apartment. But, since Spring will literally spring upon us before we know it, i need to get a spring skirt. Or maybe 2. (both skirts from ...more»