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That’s right peeps. You can now head over the the Palms in Vegas and stay in a Barbie – inspired suite. How amazing it this? Pink everywhere?! I really coudln’t ask for anything more. This chic ultra-bachelorette pad wad designed by Jonathan Adler and it features custom Barbie wall coverings and a sunburst mirror made […]

If Christian Louboutin, Dorothy and Barbie all had a magical shoe child, this is exactly what it would look like. It’s Christian Louboutin’s Declic Glitter Pumps are they are beautiful, magical and everything in between. Not sure I can justify the $675 price tag, but one day I will have these – you’ll see. They […]

Though, this month is almost over, let’s not forget that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month! Not only am I a huge supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness and the search for the cure, I love pink. Don’t believe me? Check out the Lindsey Chen Loves Pink video. Anyway, back to the point. If you are in […]

I just purchased the pair of shoes that I’m going to be running the Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles) in. Asics – Kayano 15 – in Pink (in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month!) I am super stoked because the shoes are cute and not only very lightweight and comfortable. I […]

Last winter my mom bought me a Ped Egg and since I was wearing boots most of the time, I did not need it. Come summer, I’ve been walking the hell out of my feet. I used this for the first time a few weeks ago and it’s amazing. Last night I even used it […]

I am looking for a new car and you all know how much I love pink. Here are some of my top favorites: 1. Pink Corvette 2. Not sure what this car is.. Toyota? Nissan? 3. VW Bug! 4. Pink Modified Honda? Hmm… 5. Talk about bottlenose…. it’s the Pink Panther! 6. Corvette II 7. […]

..but you know that once you order them they will prob look nothing like the ad does. UGH Victoria’s Secret… I hate you and love you at the same time!

I think I’ve posted about Free People before but I’d like to reiterate how much I love their clothes. If you have a job there allows you to wear stylish, funky clothing, definitely check them out. I love their edgy colors and fun hippie-ish look. I just got a couple tanks from Nordstrom Rack. On […]

Ever since pink became more of a trend than a mere way to support the breast cancer cause, people all over have been capitalizing on this new phenomenon. I, for one, have been a huge supported of the color pink since I can remember and because more and more companies have pink items, I’m thrilled. […]

I’ve been way into cooking for quite some time, and every birthday I get cooking supplies…most PINK because that’s my favorite color for gadgets and acccessories. This birthday I got these pink oven gloves. My first thought was that they are too fluffy to be practical, but after 2 months of using them, they are […]